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Fix: PS4 Lagging and Freezing – 2021 PlayStation 4 Guide


Frustrated by the PS4 Lagging and Freezing issue? Don’t want your PlayStation 4 games to lag during gameplay? You can read this article to learn the fixes required to bypass this problem. I will introduce you to a bunch of workarounds that’ll help you fix PS4 lag within a couple of minutes.

How Do I Fix PS4 Lagging and Freezing?

Your PS4 disc may be the reason why you are facing lags during gameplay. But if it’s ok, there can be a lot of other reasons like junk files, corrupted firmware, poor internet connection, messy database, etc. So it would be best to perform operations that would help you fix PS4 Lagging and Freezing.


Inspect PS4 Hard Drive

If there’s anything wrong with your device’s hard drive, you’ll not be allowed to make the most out of it. In some cases, the data on a hard drive is filled with junk files. And users forget about checking the free space on their hard drive. That’s why the drives start to respond laggy and users start to get critical errors like PS4 lags.

So for starters, check the free space on PS4’s hard drive. If it is filled with a bunch of unnecessary game files, remove the unwanted files to make free space. Do ensure that you only delete the files that are of no use to you. Else, you also have the option of replacing the old hard drive with a new one.

  • Press and hold the shutdown button on PS4 for about 7 seconds until you hear two beeps. (it indicates that your PS4 is turned off)
  • Unplug it from the power source and detach all the cables connected to it.
  • Now slide out the Hard Drive’s cover towards left
  • Ensure that it’s attached properly to the board and its screws are still intact

If you are willing to attach a new hard drive, remove the old drive carefully and remember to attach the new one with your undivided attention. And, after installing the new drive, install the new system software on it.

Free Disk Space

If your PS4 doesn’t have enough free space, it’ll not work properly. Most of the time users think that some MBs of free space are enough for running high-end games. But that’s the case because PS4 or any console needs some extra space, so it could run background processes properly.

  • Launch Settings on PS4 and go to the System Storage Management section
  • Choose any tab to view the storage details on the interface
  • Now select the files that you would like to Delete
  • Navigate to File options and hit DeletePS4 Lagging and Freezing

In case you are facing PS4 Lagging and Freezing error in a specific game, you need to navigate to the Applications tab. From there, select the problematic game and clear its data.

Reconstruct PS4 Database

Lots of game files are saved in the database of PS4. So it’s a possibility that your fully-filled database is causing your PS4 games to lag. In that case, you need to reestablish the database to boost the gaming performance of PlayStation 4 games.

  • Turn Off PS4 by pressing the power off button for about 7 seconds
  • Repeat the process to boot PS4 in Safe Mode (long press power button for seven seconds)
  • Attach your DualShock 4 control using a USB cable to control the activities (BlueTooth is disabled in the safe mode)
  • From the Safe Mode menu, select Rebuild Database
  • Once the rebuilding process is completed, select Update System Software
  • In case there are pending updates, allow the system to install them wisely.fix PS4 Lag

Update PS4 Firmware

A messed-up firmware can lag a lot and can be a huge cause of the PS4 Lagging and Freezing issue. And updating the firmware will also be of great help to fix the corrupted files from PS4 firmware.

  • Get a USB with at least 400MB of free disk space (the pen drive should be formatted to NTFS or FAT)
  • Download PS4 updated firmware and move the file to the USB. (LINK)
  • Power Off PS4 and plug the USB in one of its free slots
  • Boot into safe mode by long-pressing the power button for seven seconds
  • Select the Update System Software option from the appearing menu.
  • Once the PS4 system is updated to the latest version, check if it solves the PS4 lag error.

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