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How to Post on Instagram From PC or Mac [2022]


We are guiding you on how to post on Instagram from a PC. Take examples for Screenshots so, that if someone doesn’t understand the written stuff, visual illustrations will help him/her to understand better.

Instagram users are mostly on Samrtphones, Tablets, and other pocket computers. The ratio of Instagram for PC users is significantly less as many of us don’t know how to use Instagram on PC exactly and other how-to’s. For example, many of us don’t know how to post on Instagram from a PC. Although the procedure to upload pictures or videos on Instagram PC is very simple.

How to Post on Instagram from PC

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Here are the ways to post on Instagram using a Computer. The procedure is simple and it is pretty similar to Instagram on Android and iPhone procedures to upload posts.

Post on Instagram from PC


1. Launch Google Chrome or your preferred browser on your Windows PC or Mac Computer.

2. Visit the Instagram website and sign in to your account if you are not already yet! You can also sign in to Instagram Using your Facebook Account If linked!

3. Like the Facebook web, the Instagram web has also the News Feed as the first page that appears after signing in. You will see a plus icon, Click on it.

blank4. When you click on the plus icon Instagram will offer you to upload photos or Video From your Computer. Click on the option and it will take you to your computer’s default location.

blank 5. Select the Photo or video that you want to upload and press enter. Instagram will upload that photo or video in due time.

blank6. After uploading the Web Instagram will offer you to make the necessary changes, Like Adjusting the ratio, Zoom or you can upload more than one picture or video at a time.

blank7. Click on Next after making the necessary changes. Here you can add the filter if you want any and then click on Next.

blank8. In the last step of Post on Instagram from PC, you can write a caption, and add a location if you want. You are ready to share the post on Instagram using Windows or Mac Computer.

Use Instagram App on Windows 11

The Instagram App is officially available on Windows 10 and Windows 11. It means you can download the Instagram app on Windows just like on Android and iPhone. If you are getting this facility it means you don’t have to rely on Instagram Web. The web version has very limited features compared to the App version. So, if you want to use Instagram for PC to upload and share posts, we highly recommend downloading Instagram for Windows.


After downloading the app uploading and sharing will become easier.

Direct Share from other Platforms

Many online media-related websites allow you to share posts to Instagram directly from their Platform. For example, I use Canva, Watermark, and Befunky tools quite frequently. These platforms make my work and social page management easier, they allow me to directly share products on Instagram and other places.

Here is how I share my Posts on Instagram from Canva or other media-sharing websites.

Post on Instagram From PC
That’s how you share Post to Instagram from Canva, you have a hell of options of sharing Canva posts to social platforms including Instagram, Facebook, etc.
Post on Instagram From PC
This is the best watermark site and allows you to share your images on various social platforms including Instagram
It may not allow you to share your post on Instagram directly, but instead you can post it on Facebook and then to Instagram using Fb option. This product is the Befunky editor which i use to create images for my blogs.

That’s all from us, this is the procedure through which you can post on Instagram From a PC and share it on Instagram using other platforms. For queries, please contact us through the comment box below.

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