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How to Post on Facebook Group Without Admin Approval [2022]


Can we Post on Facebook Group Without Admin Approval? We are going to answer this query in detail. If we count the stats and numbers and keep that data as criteria, Facebook is surely the largest social platform on the planet. Nearly 2 billion users per month.

People have different interests on Facebook, Some are running their personal accounts, and some are running a business and promotional pages. There are people who are using Facebook just because of a specific groups or groups.

School Facebook groups, college groups, business groups, and random fun groups there are many types of groups that are running on Facebook by admins and creators.


The Facebook groups are fun and here people interact with users of the same or different interests. Some groups and public and some are private which we can join by admin approval.

Usually, active admins don’t take much time to approve your group join request if you properly answer the questions and agree with the guidelines. Then there are some Tortoise admins who take weeks and months for approval.

There is a problem with the admin approval which most users don’t like. Users can’t post any post on Facebook without admin approval in a private Facebook group.

Unless the admins allow its users to post directly. It is a feature in Facebook Private group settings which the admin can enable or disable. Users are curious, is there any way they can post on Facebook group without admin Approval?

This is our topic today, hopefully, we can satisfy your question through our tutorial.

How to Post on Facebook Group Without Admin Approval

Post on Facebook Group Without Admin Approval

Here are some of the ways through which you get your FB post approved in a private group. Never ever violate the group guidelines.

Total Time: 2 minutes

Follow the Rules

Every private Facebook group has some rules which you must have follow for joining and post approvals. It is the best way to prevent your posts from getting declined or removed by admins or moderators

Only post the Relevant Content

Many of the Facebook Groups are very much focused on purpose of their creation. If they are the community of a profession, then you must be posted the professional stuff only. Like if the group is created for Watches information, sale and purchase, then you must post related to watch stuff only in the group. Admins may remove your irrelevant post as well as they can remove you too.

Don’t Share Broken or Spam Links

This is the thing which even a facebook public group admin can’t bear. Don’t share the fake, spam or broken links in the group if you get reported multiple time surely admin will kick you out from group.

Avoid Relegious, Political and Freedom of speech Violance

You know what it personally hate most in the Facebook Group? the fights! People can’t bear if someone speaks against the person or thing which they like. This is the reason why see a huge amount of people fighting in comments, and posts. I strictly recommend you stay away from fights. Don’t post any stuff which contains religious or politicial violence. It can make you stuck in a legal trouble.

Is it possible to post in Facebook Group without approval of Admin?

If you want a straightforward answer then sorry because it’s a Big No! No one can post in Facebook Private Group without the admin Approval. You can post in a private FB group if and only if you are the admin too.

In public Facebook groups where we don’t need the approval to join, we can post anything there without the approval. In opposite posting conditions are strict in a private group.

So there is no way we can post in Facebook Group without admin Approval. Users have to wait for the approval to get their post published in approval.

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