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[2022 Fix] Pokemon Go Network Error 2

  • Pokemon Go is an augmented reality adventure video game that’s incomparable.
  • Certainly, players are unable to enjoy the game because of Pokemon Go Network Error 2.
  • A simple soft reset of the smartphone can help bypass this error, but if it doesn’t, readers should consult with the drafted solutions.

Pokemon Go Network Error 2

There’s a huge fanbase for Pokemon Go, players love to play the game online with augmented reality. But some glitches in the network can interrupt, especially, when you try to enter the Gym in Pokemon Go. So here, my focus will be on delivering fixes to help readers bypass this network issue.

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How Do I Fix Pokemon Go Network Error 2?

The main cause of the Pokemon Go Network Error 2 is the request of cache that players keep getting from time to time. Also, the game can only operate properly, if it’s getting the right amount of juice from the network. Else, it will start to lag and deliver such sorts of network issues.

Disable Battery Optimization

Some applications like Pokemon Go can only work properly if their services aren’t blocked by the OS. So whenever you enable the battery optimization, this game is unable to collect the right amount of resources, required to run smoothly. In that case, you should remove Pokemon Go from the list of battery optimization, so it could run properly with battery juice.

  • Launch the Settings app and navigate to the Battery section.
  • Tap once on the Battery Optimization tab.
  • Select Pokemon Go from the list of installed apps.
  • Now, select the Don’t Optimize box.

If you are using iPhone or iPad:

  • Launch Settings
  • Navigate to Battery
  • Disable the Low Power Mode toggle.

Circumvent Public Wi-Fi

Always avoid connecting your smartphone with public Wi-Fi. Because then, you get limited internet access, and even if you try to connect it with the mobile data, your device is unable to collect the right resources.

So even if you are going outside, keep your device’s Wi-Fi turned off and keep using the mobile data. That will also help protect your devices from malware and other cybercriminal activities.

Force Close Pokemon Go

Force Closing the application may also come in handy in fixing the Pokemon Go Network Error 2. But to perform this solution, you will have to follow a proper procedure, so that you can avoid this network issue for the time bieng.

  • Launch Pokemon Go and navigate to the Gym to start the battle.
  • Whenever you encounter Network Error 2, go straight to the home screen of your smartphone.
  • Open the Settings app and navigate to Apps >> Pokemon Go and force close the app.
  • If you are using an iOS device, simply close it from the previously launched apps list.
  • Launch the game again and join the same Gym in Pokemon Go, without wasting any time.

You will encounter less time left to complete the battle, but that’s the compromise you will have to make. As for better results in the future, you should perform a clean installation.

Examine Network Strength

Always ensure that your smartphone is connected with a healthy internet connection. Because this network error 2 may only be caused due to glitches in the network.

So before launching the game, you should examine the speed of your internet connection. You can consult with web portals like speedtest.net to examine the current state of your network. Else, use a network monitoring app on your Android or iOS device.

Just Wait

While playing Pokemon Go, you may have encountered a GPS glitch that takes you far from your current location. So while you are encountering this issue, you should keep the game closed. At least, stay away from the Pokemon Gym, until your GPS starts to work properly and starts to show your current location.

FAQs: Pokemon Go Network Error

Why does Pokemon Go Network Error 2 Occur?

A) The Pokemon Go Network Error 2 usually occurs because there’s something wrong with Niantic servers. So before performing any in-game modifications, always check the status of Pokemon Go on Niantic social media pages, to get updates about the game issues.

How to Fix Pokemon Go Network Errors?

A) In case you have consulted with Niantic social media handlers and found no updates, you should consider performing some customizations like disabling battery optimization – and ensuring that your internet connection is alive-n-kicking.

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