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How to Play Wordle More Than Once a Day [2022]

  • Wordle is a once-a-day word puzzle game that’s developed by Josh Wardle.
  • This free browser game can be played on any device, even like an app.
  • Many players can’t get enough of Wordle, so here, I have decided to share workarounds required to Play Wordle More Than Once a Day.

Play Wordle More Than Once a Day

One reason behind the success of Wordle is that officially, it can only be played once a day. But there are players who are annoyed by this feature and wish to play unlimited Wordle, to become a pro. Well, such players are allowed to perform various tricks to complete this task.

How Do I Play Wordle More Than Once a Day?

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Users can implement multiple methods to keep playing Wordle, for as long as they want to. Some tricks would allow them to play the current day wordle and some will be beneficial in playing the past and future Wordles.

Use Different Browsers

The beauty of Wordle is that it can be played on a web browser, so if you are playing it on a default browser like Microsoft Edge or Safari, you have the option of using various browsers to play Worlde more than once a day. And, if you are unaware of the most famous browsers, click here to visit my article on the best free web browsers.Unlimited Wordle Games

Use Same Browser but Different Accounts

Most of the web browsers are Chromium-based and allow users to log in using their Gmail account or Apple ID. So if you are currently using a single account to play Wordle, you need to consider using various accounts, but on the same browser. That’s one way to play your daily Wordle again-n-again. However, I would recommend you play Wordle on web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. Because they allow you to add as many Google accounts, as you please.Multiple Wordle Accounts

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Play in Incognito Mode

No matter which device you are using to play Wordle, your website’s data is stored in the browser’s cache memory. So if you are willing to play unlimited Wordle, you need to consult with the private aka incognito mode. Because in this specific browser mode, your browsing data isn’t stored, resulting in, you being allowed to play Wordle for as long as you like to.Play Wordle in Incognito Mode

Use Different Devices

Mostly, every PC owner also has a smartphone that’s fully functional with the latest web browsers. In such a case scenario, users can keep playing Wordle on their different devices, let there be a computer or a smartphone.Play Wordle in Different Devices

A plus point for workaholics is that they can play Wordle at the office on their official devices and play the same game on their PC (personal computer). In addition, play it on their smartphones, like Android or iPhone. And if they own a tablet or iPad, keep playing the game on all the devices they own.

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Play Past or Future Wordle

By using Wordle archives and performing some workarounds, users can play the past and future Wordle games, whenever they desire. Because such a facility allows them to get to the Wordle day of their choice. They are not required to consult with any third-party tools or use the assistance of a developer to accomplish such a goal.

All they have to do is to use the created archive to their preffered Wordle, let it be old or latest. So if you are interested in playing the Past or Future Wordle on your computer or smartphone, click here to visit my guide. It will lead you towards a solution that helped many players satisfy their daily wordle desire.

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