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How To Play Old Nerdle Games


Do you want to Play Old Nerdle Games to solve the puzzles that you have missed?

In this article, you will find complete information regarding the method to play old nerdle games.

Previously there was no method to get our hands on the old Nerdle games.


However, developers have added a new function, that allows the user to gain access to the old Nerdle games.

The user can access old Nerdle games on their PC and even on mobile devices.

If you are looking for a way to get Nerdle on Android or iPhone, then the following articles will help you.

Nerdle On iPhone or iPad – Two Methods

Nerdle On Android – Two Methods

While playing these old Nerdle games you can improve your Nerdle skills, learn to solve math equations with ease, and is good for keeping the user brain active and more functioning.

Play Old Nerdle Games

How To Play Old Nerdle Games

The following method will show you the complete procedure to Play old nerdle games.

Make sure that you follow the method carefully and don’t change the sequence explained in the procedure below.

Moreover, this procedure can be performed on both smartphones and PCs.

  • Open Nerdle game on the web browse or your PC or mobile.
  • Now tap on the search bar with the URL.
  • Now add the following information in the sequence shown below.
    • nerdlegame.com/yyyymmdd
    • y represent Year
    • m represent month
    • d represents the date.
  • Now enter the date of the data, of which you want to play the daily Nerdle off.

Now tap on the search button or hit the enter button. The page will reload and the old nerdle game will open on the screen. This is how you can access the Nerdle archives.

Access Nerdle Archives

Currently, Nerdle doesn’t have a proper archive because this game came out about a month ago.

So, Nerdle archives have not been built yet.

But over time, the archives will build and people will be able to access a lot more nerdle puzzles.

When was Nerdle Released?

The Nerdle game was released on 21 January 2022. And the Nerdle archives also start from the same date.

How Long Are The Nerdle Archives?

The nerdle archives are not very long, as it was released less than a month ago. Moreover, I have also added the complete archive of Nerdle as of today.

Nerdle Archives of March 2022

2022-March-16 – https://www.nerdlegame.com/20220316
2022-March-15 – https://www.nerdlegame.com/20220315
2022-March-14 – https://www.nerdlegame.com/20220314
2022-March-13 – https://www.nerdlegame.com/20220313
2022-March-12 – https://www.nerdlegame.com/20220312
2022-March-11 – https://www.nerdlegame.com/20220311
2022-March-10 – https://www.nerdlegame.com/20220310
2022-March-09 – https://www.nerdlegame.com/20220309
2022-March-08 – https://www.nerdlegame.com/20220308
2022-March-07 – https://www.nerdlegame.com/20220307
2022-March-06 – https://www.nerdlegame.com/20220306
2022-March-05 – https://www.nerdlegame.com/20220305
2022-March-04 – https://www.nerdlegame.com/20220304
2022-March-03 – https://www.nerdlegame.com/20220303
2022-March-02 – https://www.nerdlegame.com/20220302
2022-March-01 – https://www.nerdlegame.com/20220301

Access Nerdle archives of February 2022

  • 2022-February-28– https://www.nerdlegame.com/20220228
  • 2022-February-27– https://www.nerdlegame.com/20220227
  • 2022-February-26– https://www.nerdlegame.com/20220226
  • 2022-February-25– https://www.nerdlegame.com/20220225
  • 2022-February-24– https://www.nerdlegame.com/20220224
  • 2022-February-23– https://www.nerdlegame.com/20220223
  • 2022-February-22– https://www.nerdlegame.com/20220222
  • 2022-February-21– https://www.nerdlegame.com/20220221
  • 2022-February-20– https://www.nerdlegame.com/20220220
  • 2022-February-19 – https://www.nerdlegame.com/20220219
  • 2022-February-18 – https://www.nerdlegame.com/20220218
  • 2022-February-17 – https://www.nerdlegame.com/20220217

2022-February-16 – https://www.nerdlegame.com/20220216
2022-February-15 – https://www.nerdlegame.com/20220215
2022-February-14 – https://www.nerdlegame.com/20220214
2022-February-13 – https://www.nerdlegame.com/20220213
2022-February-12 – https://www.nerdlegame.com/20220212
2022-February-11 – https://www.nerdlegame.com/20220211
2022-February-10 – https://www.nerdlegame.com/20220210
2022-February-09 – https://www.nerdlegame.com/20220209
2022-February-08 – https://www.nerdlegame.com/20220208
2022-February-07 – https://www.nerdlegame.com/20220207
2022-February-06 – https://www.nerdlegame.com/20220206
2022-February-05 – https://www.nerdlegame.com/20220205
2022-February-04 – https://www.nerdlegame.com/20220204
2022-February-03 – https://www.nerdlegame.com/20220203
2022-February-02 – https://www.nerdlegame.com/20220202
2022-February-01 – https://www.nerdlegame.com/20220201
2022-January-31 – https://www.nerdlegame.com/20220131
2022-January-30 – https://www.nerdlegame.com/20220130
2022-January-29 – https://www.nerdlegame.com/20220129
2022-January-28– https://www.nerdlegame.com/20220128
2022-January-27 – https://www.nerdlegame.com/20220127
2022-January-26 – https://www.nerdlegame.com/20220126
2022-January-25 – https://www.nerdlegame.com/20220125
2022-January-24 – https://www.nerdlegame.com/20220124
2022-January-23 – https://www.nerdlegame.com/20220123
2022-January-22 – https://www.nerdlegame.com/20220122
2022-January-21 – https://www.nerdlegame.com/20220121

Play Old Nerdle Games

Now all you have to do is to copy the link from “HTTPS://” to the end and then paste the link into your browser search bar.

Now tap on the search button or hit the enter key to access the Nerdle game of that day.

Does Changing The Date & Time Of The Device Allow The User To Access Nerdle Archives?

Yes! this is one way to access Nerdle archives.

However, changing the system date and time may result in other apps not functioning properly.

By using this method, the Email Client and instant messaging apps will stop working until the date and time are reset to the actual date and time.

This article was regarding the method to Play Old Nerdle Games and access Nerdle Archives.

If you have any questions regarding Nerdle, Wordle, Dordle, and others.

Then ask in the comment section below. Thank you for your time, and keep supporting ItsDailyTech.

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