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Fix: Pixel Buds Not Showing Up On Bluetooth [2022]

  • Pixel Buds are the Bluetooth earbuds officially presented by Google.
  • Overall these earbuds’ performance is incomparable, but only if one gets to connect them with his smartphone.
  • Here, I will share some methods to fix Pixel Buds Not Showing Up On Bluetooth.
Pixel Buds Not Showing Up On Bluetooth

Sometimes the Pixel Buds start responding laggy, and that’s mainly because of the firmware of your Android OS.

Another reason for this connectivity issue can reside within the earbuds, where one of them stops working all of a sudden.

Well, in all the cases that reside behind connectivity issues a simple reset can also be beneficial.


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So in the following section, I have discussed some workarounds to help Pixel Buds users, get rid of all the frustrating connectivity issues.

How Do I Fix Pixel Buds Not Showing Up On Bluetooth?

I’m going to discuss fixes depending on some popular scenarios, which users are facing while trying to connect Pixel Buds with their Android devices.

All of such fixes can be implied on Android 6.0 or above versions. So if you have installed Android 12 or 13, it’s the right guide for you.

Total Time: 4 minutes

Pixel Buds Not Showing Up

It’s rare that your Pixel Buds stop appearing within the nearby Bluetooth devices.

Or even if it is appearing, your smartphone wouldn’t let you connect with them.

But if you are a victim of this problem, no need to worry, because here’s what you can do to fix it:

1. Long-tap on the Bluetooth icon from the notification panel, to launch its menu.

2. Select Previously Connected Devices.

3. Tap on your Pixel Buds and hit the Forget option.

4. While your Pixel Buds are within the case, leave the case open.

5. Long-press the pairing button, until the light turns white.

6. Now, open the Bluetooth menu and pair your Pixel Buds with your Android device.

In case you are unable to locate your Pixel Buds within the Bluetooth menu, perform the following method:

i. Connect the Pixel Buds case with a charger.

ii. Remove the Buds from the case.

iii. Put one earbud within the case, to check if its light starts blinking or not.

iv. If it’s blinking, it means your earbuds are still responding.

One Pixel Bud Stops Working

In some cases, one earbud stops responding, while the other one keeps working.

This issue can be triggered due to low battery or outdated firmware.

So before performing any customizations with the smartphone’s battery, do charges the buds properly.

Now, go to the Software Update section on Settings, to keep your device’s firmware updated to the latest version.

Further, ensure the battery of your smartphone is above 70%, while its firmware is updating.

If that doesn’t seem to work for you, perform the following methods:

1. Uninstall the Google app from your Android device.

2. Update all the apps from the play store.

3. Open the Bluetooth menu and forget the Pixel Buds.

4. Connect the case with its original charger (while earbuds are inside it).

5. Try pairing the earbuds again, after you have restarted them.

Pixel Buds Connectivity Issue

For users having connectivity issues on Pixel Buds, a simple restart is the best fix.

This would help the earbuds try from scratch, to connect with the nearby Android device.

Also, they would help you overcome all sorts of connectivity issues, and there’s no harm at all in resetting them, whenever you please.

1. First of all, put the earbuds within their case.

2. Connect the case with a charger.

3. Long-press the pairing buttons for about 35 seconds, until their light starts blinking.

4. During the white and orange light blinking, leave your earbuds.

5. Once the white light starts appearing, try connecting them with your Android device.

Note: While trying to connect Pixel Buds with your smartphone, ensure that the buds are within the range of 5-10 meters.

That’s all, thanks for your time spent reading ways to fix Pixel Buds Not Showing Up On Bluetooth, at it’sDailyTech.

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