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Fix: Outlook App Not Working on Android (2021)


A plethora of services are provided to the consumers of Outlook on Android & Windows users. It’s a product of a tech giant that’s keen on delivering good services to its users. But because a huge number of users benefit from the same facility, a person may encounter critical errors. So here, I’ve listed fixes to Outlook App Not Working on Android.

If you are interested in using the same old interface of Outlook without having to face any critical issues, you are required to implement a bunch of workarounds. It’s a product that’s in the market for so long, it sometimes starts to respond laggy because of corruption in the app’s files.

How Can I Fix Outlook App Not Working on Android?

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Either your system files are corrupted or there’s something wrong with the app’s files. In both cases, you can perform a bunch of tweaks to bypass the Outlook App Not Working on Android error. That’s why I’ve added multiple solutions to help you solve the issue in a couple of minutes.

Inspect Internet Connectivity

Outlook is an emailing app available for smartphone users. It only works when your device is connected with a healthy internet connection. By any chance, if the internet isn’t working, the app will not respond well or not open at all.Outlook App Not Working

So before implying any lengthy tweaks, please do inspect the connected network. If you are using Wi-Fi, check your router, or in the case of mobile data, do examine the current health of your connected network. Enable and disable the network from the control center and check if it resolves the Outlook App Not Working on Android issue.

Locate App Updates

An outdated app can never respond well in most situations. Mostly the installed apps are automatically updated by Google Play Store. But in case you have disabled to automatic updates facility, you need to update the app manually.

  • Launch the Google Play Store on Android
  • Use the search bar to open Outlook
  • Instead of Open, check if there’s an Update button.

Force Stop Outlook

Force-stopping Outlook can work well in restarting the app’s services. Because once you force stop it, the Android system will start its build with processes only required to run the app. The extra processes that are intercepting wrongly will be closed for good.

  • Navigate to Setting >> Apps
  • Locate and select Outlook
  • Now tap once on Force Stop
  • Relaunch Outlook from the app drawerblank

Turn Off Battery Optimization

The purpose of battery optimization is to save your device’s power by disabling certain facilities. In that case, battery optimization can also disable the third-party apps that are currently running in the background. So it’s better to disable such a facility and check if solves Outlook App Not Working on Android.

  • Open the phone settings app
  • Tap on Apps >> Outlook
  • Go to Battery >> Optimize Battery Usage
  • Disable the Outlook toggle.Outlook App Not Working on Android

Clear App Storage

Corruption in the app’s storage can also cause Outlook App Not Working on Android problem. And there’s no harm in deleting such files because it’ll only remove the junk files that are troubling you.

  • From the Settings app interface, tap on Apps
  • Select Outlook and navigate to the Storage section
  • Tap once on the Clear Data button and confirm your actionblank

Reinstall Outlook on Android

It is possible that the Outlook app isn’t working because all of its files are corrupted. So our last hope is to reinstall the app. It’s a simple process and can be done directly from the play store’s interface.

  • Launch the Play Store and use its search bar to open Outlook
  • Tap on the Uninstall button and wait
  • After the app is uninstalled from your system, you’ll see an Install button
  • You need to tap on that Install button and after its successful installation, tap on the Open button.
  • Now enjoy Outlook on Android without any lags.Reinstall Outlook on Android

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