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5 Best OneNote Alternatives for Android (2021)


When it comes to keeping in check of your daily activities, no one likes to compromise the solution for it. Everyone wants a notes app to help him/her keep a record of daily routines. And some old smartphone note apps can no longer do that job. So here, I’ve decided to provide 5 Best OneNote Alternatives for Android.

If you are an Android smartphone user, you’ll be glad to acknowledge that most of the OneNote Alternatives are free to use and some of them even don’t contain any online advertisements. But to access some premium Notes app, you’ll be required to pay a small price using your real money. So let’s see what app meets your requirements the best.

List Of 5 Best OneNote Alternatives for Android

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The purpose of every OneNote Alternatives for Android to help you make notes. But they do come with different interfaces and facilities. You can try them out for free or just read my review that I’ve listed in this article for you.

1. Google Keep

Why use a product of untrusted platforms, when you have the choice of using the product of a tech giant. In fact, Google Keep is available by default in the latest Android smartphones. So you can use it on any Android device for free. In short words, you can say it is a free OneNote Alternative for Android.

If you are like things to be as simple as possible, you’ll be in love with this app. Becasue the developers have given their best of delivering the best and simplest interface for Notes users. Everyone can add media files, record their notes in audio, draw items, add checkboxes, etc without having to perform any extra hassle. Furthermore, you can also associate your Notes app with Google Drive to save files in cloud storage.

Google Keep for Android

Download Google Keep

2. Evernote

Evernote isn’t totally free but can be a lot supportive when it comes to making notes on Android. Now that the developers have added a quite intriguing interface, users can benefit from this app without paying any attention to complications. You can simply launch it and start creating notes. And still, you have the option of benefiting from search tags.

For premium subscribers, there are lots-n-lots of services that are not commonly available on every Notes app for Android. For instance, the multi-device support to synchronize data. The cloud storage of 10GB and offline support is for users who buy the yearly package by paying $70.

Evernote for Android

Download Evernote

3. SimpleNote

As the name suggests, Simplenote is one of the simplest OneNote Alternatives for Android. Users can benefit from it without having to pay any real money and use it without any registration process. Because it is developed by WordPress developers and is available specifically for the convenience of professionals & students.

One unique thing about this application is its ability to keep a record of your notes. You can use it to locate your saved notes and even recover some notes after you have deleted them. But if you wish to save your important notes from it on the cloud, you’ll have to do it manually.

Simplenote for Android

Download SimpleNote

4. NOTEBOOK by Zoho

If don’t want your Notes app’s services limited to a particular device, NOTEBOOK by Zoho is what you should get. Because this application is available for all the famous operating systems. And even you can use it on your web browser without any trouble. So if you are using it on a different device, simply log in and start to benefit from the power of data synchronization.

To be honest, the services you are accessing are premium. But you are never asked to pay a single dollar because the app’s free. Likewise, it’s also safe to use the app. Thanks to its ability to password protect your files, you can protect your private Notes from intruders. Also, you are allowed to use the power of tags or favorites to locate your notes with ease.

NOTEBOOK for Android

Download NOTEBOOK by Zoho

5. Nimbus

Nimbus can be one of the best OneNote Alternatives for Android. Because this application is specifically available for people who like to make journals. It can be supportive for individuals who like to pick locations from maps and then take notes about them. You can use the app for free, but if you wish to benefit from VIP services, the fee will be $50 yearly.

Don’t consider this application as some ordinary notes app. Because it contains all the packages that you would want from a Notes app. For instance, the colorful fonts, quotes, checkboxes, and file-sharing services are quite indulging. Also, you’ll find password protection quite helpful in protecting your notes.

Nimbus for Android

Download Nimbus Note

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