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NYT Mini Crossword November 27 2022 Answers (11/27/22)


We are starting the new series of NYT Mini Crossword Answers. Newyork Times was already on rock n roll through the World Fame Wordle which they acquired from Josh Wordle. Now their Mini Crossword game is equally popular in the world.

The NYT is publishing the Mini crossword game since 1942 the difference is only between the Newspaper and the internet. You can now play the same classic NYT Mini crossword newspaper game on the internet.

NYT Mini Crosswords 27 November 2022


It’s a bit difficult game, unlike only one 5-letter word a day, you have to make many words in NYT Mini Crossword game. Today, we are giving you the answer of the NYT Mini Crossword on November 27 2022.

NYT Mini Crossword November 27 2022 Answers

Here are all the clues to the answers of NYT Mini Crossword Till date.

  • Icon for a possible mine square, in Minesweeper
  • Big name in pasta sauces
  • Like some fun-looking French fries
  • Seedy bar
  • Bit of analytics
  • What’s found hidden between words in “deli meat,” “little monster” and “radio range”
  • Stage of insect growth
  • Plastic tip on a shoelace
  • “I hate to be that ___ …”
  • Music player inserts

There is also another LA Crossword Game. You can also get the Crossword Mini Game answers from Itsdailytech.com

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