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NYT Crossword November 27 2022 Answers (11/27/22)


We are starting the new series of NYT Crossword Answers. Newyork Times was already on rock n roll through the World Fame Wordle which they acquired from Josh Wordle. Now there Crossword game is equally popular as the world.

The NYT is publishing the crossword game since 1942 the difference is only between the Newspaper and the internet. You can now play the same classic NYT crossword newspaper game on the internet.

NYT Crosswords 27 November 2022


It’s a bit difficult game, unlike only one 5 letter word a day, you have to make many many words in NYT Crossword game. Today, we are giving you the answer to the NYT Crossword on November 27 2022.

NYT Crossword November 27 2022 Answers

Here are all the clues to the answers of NYT Crossword Till date.

  • Gambling spot?
  • Chap
  • Addis ___
  • Pro response
  • Bit of chicanery
  • ___ water (healthful drink)
  • Totally uncool
  • Rock’s Jethro ___
  • “You’re gonna love this, I promise!”
  • Urban area typically with the tallest buildings
  • Rocky road topping?
  • Length for a pregnancy
  • Moneymaking venture
  • LeBron James became one in 2018
  • That’s the spirit!
  • Highway network that famously has sections without a speed limit
  • Service recipient
  • An ocean
  • Device dusted off to watch old home movies, maybe
  • Flat-topped French hat
  • Ante alternative
  • Musician Brian
  • Public court proceeding
  • Many a bad Yelp review
  • Luxuriate (in)
  • They’re not sciences
  • ___ Cannon, creator of the “Pitch Perfect” film series
  • Fish sticks?
  • Strength of character
  • “Me!”
  • Compliment to a French chef
  • Crackerjack
  • Slack-jawed
  • Automotive successor of the Bel Air
  • Proudly embody, informally
  • What you’re on when you’re making progress
  • Product sold on a rack, informally
  • “Them’s fightin’ words!”
  • Set one’s sights
  • Welcome center handouts
  • Free of flaws, as a reputation
  • DiFranco of folk
  • Sewer in American history
  • Hamlet’s cousin
  • Music genre prefix
  • Ideal engine sound
  • Duel personalities?
  • Like some memes
  • Major concern for a meteorologist
  • The Bruins, on scoreboards
  • Contents of a household box
  • Pasta whose name means “barley” in Italian
  • Startled scream
  • Weight
  • Goes from one thing to another
  • Purchase option for a dedicated fan
  • Like dumbbells
  • Like Roma tomatoes
  • Something that may be sold by the yard
  • The Nature Conservancy and World Wildlife Fund, e.g., in brief
  • Hate, hate, hate
  • Certain juicing need
  • Residential construction project
  • Deep shot, in hoops
  • Weird
  • Brother of Logan Roy on “Succession”
  • Has a meal
  • Urban grid: Abbr.
  • Tennis champ ___ Osaka
  • Figs. first issued in 1936
  • Summer on the Riviera
  • Subscription platform for online content creators
  • “That is my intention”
  • Where the ilium and ischium are
  • Inhabitant of Ireland or Scotland
  • Holiday helper
  • Sign that you can’t go back now?
  • Philosophical pillar
  • ___ Arbor, Mich.
  • Deep inhalation to get high
  • Ordered delivery, perhaps
  • Hive mind of “Star Trek: TNG,” with “the”
  • National Dog Show org.
  • ___ someone’s yum (criticized a person’s tastes, slangily)
  • Discovery astronaut Ochoa
  • With it
  • Shake a little
  • Amtrak booking
  • Worker with wax
  • “Oof, what a day!”
  • Run-D.M.C.’s “You Be ___”
  • Longtime co-host of the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
  • Good Texas hold ’em hand
  • Auto loan figs.
  • Bit of roofing in Spanish-style architecture
  • Biden and Harris, notably, in brief
  • Underwire undergarments
  • Muffin makeup, maybe
  • Over-emoter
  • Trade, informally
  • Star N.F.L. wide receiver Allen
  • First family from Illinois
  • Exercise in a swimming pool
  • Grabs
  • “___ Life” (1981 Rick James single)
  • Tool for cutting wood along the grain
  • Scandalized
  • Pro who gets many return customers?
  • Bad makeup artist
  • Spot for a band
  • High ways
  • Early stop at a casino, maybe
  • Univ. senior’s hurdle
  • Funding
  • “___ but a scratch”: oft-quoted Monty Python line
  • Con artist
  • Chattering plastic teeth, for one
  • Rapper ___ Def
  • Group with lodges
  • Part of E.T.A.: Abbr.
  • 100%
  • Allow for more high-density housing and mixed-use development, in urban planning lingo
  • Company shake-up, for short
  • Symbol of sturdiness
  • Pallid
  • Problem for a pitcher
  • They have their ups and downs
  • With 86-Down, very upset … like the answers to five of this puzzle’s clues?
  • See 85-Down
  • Grand mounts
  • They go around at museums
  • Coffin carrier
  • Drops down?
  • In no way hidden
  • It has only one-sixth of the mass of Earth’s moon
  • Goobers
  • Pentagon inits.
  • Cousin of turquoise
  • Part of the eye that focuses light onto the retina
  • Momma’s boy
  • Big name in outdoor gear
  • Jones of CNN

There is also another NYT crossword Mini game which is 5×5 as compared to full crossword games 15×15 and 21×21(only on Sunday). You can also get the LA Crossword Game answers from Itsdailytech.com

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