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How To Fix No Overwatch License Found [2021 Guide]


Gamers never like to be disturbed during gameplay. And when a paid game isn’t launching, they get furious. So here, I would like to discuss an Overwatch License issue. Many gamers have reported this problem, but are unable to locate the best fix for it. That’s why I’ve decided to provide ways to Fix No Overwatch License Found. So users can make the most out of their favorite battleground action platform.

Common Causes of Overwatch License Error

The No Overwatch License Found error is mostly caused by the user-side. Many users mistakenly or willingly perform certain tweaks to successfully perform an Overwatch Login. But sometimes such tweaks are detected by the game servers and they are unable to overcome the game’s license.


However, there are various reasons for the Overwatch License issue. Gamers need to consider such reasons, so they never have to face the same error again.

  1. Invalid license log
  2. The Free Trial has ended
  3. Expired license due to pending payments.

How Do I Fix No Overwatch License Found?

Now that I have talked about the reasons for No Overwatch License Found, I would like to discuss its fixes with you. Do remember that the presented methods only work if you are using the correct account credentials to perform Overwatch Login.

Examine Blizzard Server

Before performing any customizations, do check the Blizzard server status. Because if the servers are down, no tweak will be enough to help you bypass the No Overwatch License Found error. For your benefit, visit Downdetector.com and check if Blizzard servers are working perfectly or not. And if they are literally down, wait until they are back on their feet.

No Overwatch License Found

Customize Your Password

The main reason for No Overwatch License Found is caused due to unspecified account credentials. So for your sake, try resetting your Overwatch password. That’ll help the server locate the righteous account details and log you into the game without providing any license errors.

Update Battle.net

Please do ensure that Battle.net is updated to the latest version. If it’s not, it’ll start to provide several lags that can make your gameplay annoying. Because the outdated game clients contain bugs that can only be fixed by upgrading. Once you have upgraded the client, relaunch Overwatch to check if this trick resolves the issue.

Use Activation Code

An activation code is provided to users who buy the game physically. So if you have bought the game and own an activation code, use it to bypass the No Overwatch License Found issue. Because if you are using the right activation code, the game servers will not have any choice left, but to let you log in without any lags.

Swap Servers

If you are playing Overwatch with American servers, you need to check to play the game with a European server. If it fixes the issue, try turning back into the American servers to enjoy your action game with your buddies. The purpose of implying this trick is to help in-game servers identify your identity.

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