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Fixes: NBA 2K23 Won’t Connect to Online Services [2022]


NBA 2k23 is the new basketball game developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K games. This is the latest edition of the NBA series by both companies mentioned above.

The NBA Craze is all over the world even in those countries where Basketball is not even official yet. If we talk about the USA specifically then surely Basketball will be among the top 5 most popular sports in the USA.


NBA 2k23 is newly released and the game lovers are saying it is the best Basketball game ever developed. You know maintenance is more difficult than development.


The same goes with this game, due to loads of traffic and servers load certain errors are occurring. One of the common errors in NBA2k23 is won’t connect to online services.

There can be multiple reasons behind this issue. Maybe your internet connection is messing up. Or, the game servers are too much busy or a certain bug is causing such an issue.

Let’s figure this out by following the below solutions one by one. Hopefully, we will fix NBA2k23 won’t connect to the online services issue by ourselves.

Fixing NBA 2k23 won’t connect to Online Services

Follow these solutions in sequence. After every solution check the game whether the issue is resolved or not.

Switch Internet Connection

You need to change your internet connection for time being. It is a must to confirm whether your internet is working or not. Maybe your internet connection is paused, unstable, or not working and this is the cause of the issue.

Switch to mobile data if you are using WiFi. Or, switch to another WiFi connection if available. Then check the game, there is a possibility that you may not face the won’t connect to online services error in NBA 2k23 again.

Check the server status

Follow the official page of NBA 2k23 on Twitter or follow the community on Reddit. The active members will surely update you if there is a problem in the game. It is quite a chance that won’t connect to online services issue is global just not only on your end.

Also, you can confirm from the websites covering the gaming world. They quickly update their viewers if they found any issue in the game.

Although there is not a major NBA 2k23 Update yet! But they frequently launch small patches. You need to check the app update if available then surely go for it. The latest patch of the game is NBA 2K23 Update 1.004 Patch.

Update the game if available

1. You can update the NBA 2k23 patch from Steam.
2. Launch Steam on your computer and go to the Library.
3. On the Left Pane click on the NBA 2k23.
4. Steam will automatically launch the game update if available.
5. Make sure you don’t close or interrupt the process until the update completes.
6. Once done, you must reboot the PC to apply changes.

Verify and Repair NBA 2K23

This is the automation process of removing errors and bugs from the game. It will let the corrupted files go into the drain and provide you with a fresh and smooth game experience. You need to take help from Steam.

1: Launch Steam on your computer and click on Library.

2: Right-click on NBA 2K23 from the list.

3: Click on Properties and go to Local Files.

4: Click on Verify Integrity of Game Files.

5: After verification gets complete reboot your PC.

Update Graphics Drivers

. Launch the Device Manager using the start menu.
. Expand the Display Adapters tab.
. Right-click on the GPU device and select Update Driver
. Select the “Search automatically for drivers” option.
. After updating the drivers, restart your PC.

Click here to visit the detailed guide on how to Update Drivers on Windows PC.

Contact Visual Concepts Support

The last solution and last hope to fix your NBA 2k23 won’t Connect to online services is to contact the developers. They can surely help you regarding the matter.

Contact the Developers.

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