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Fixes for “Microsoft Store Stuck on Start­ing Download” issue


Microsoft Store Stuck on Start­ing Download! MS Store is one of the most useless things present on Windows. Hardly, there will be one only from Fifty Windows users that use MS Store. Because users download the software and apps directly from the web on Windows operating system. Still, there are some people that still like to use the official app store of Windows.

One of the most hated errors of MS Store is such on downloading. We have seen a hell of users complaining about the Microsoft Store stuck on Starting download issue. Users didn’t even know that their downloading was started or not!

We are offering some solution that can fix Microsoft Store Stuck on Starting Download. By the way, you don’t need to fix the Microsoft Store. Any software or app you want is available on the internet. It will be better if you use your Windows 11/10 stock browser or Google Chrome for downloading any program, application, software, etc.


Let’s start with the basic solutions that are potentially low. The first solution to fix Microsoft Store Stuck on Starting Download is Clearing Cache.

Clear Cache

Clear the cache of your computer, it may rectify the MS Store Stuck on downloading issue. Caches can slow down the speed of any app either online or offline. That’s why we always recommend clearing cache in any software issue.

Fix Microsoft Store Stuck on Start­ing Download

Use Windows Search to find Command Prompt. Right-click, and select the Run as administrator, and click Yes.

Now type the following command in Windows CMD Prompt and press enter,


This will clear the cache and junk files of MS Store and will rectify the Microsoft Store stuck on starting downloading issue.

Run the Windows Troubleshooter

If there is any best tool to rectify Windows 10 or other versions errors then it is the Windows Troubleshooter. You don’t need to do anything to let Windows resolve its personal issues.

Fix Microsoft Store Stuck on Start­ing Download

  1. Launch the System Settings on your computer.
  2. Click on the Update and Security.
  3. Select the Troubleshoot, and then click on the Additional troubleshooters.
    Fix Microsoft Store Stuck on Start­ing Download
  4. You will now find a list of Windows 1o troubleshooters, scroll down, locate ‘Microsoft Store’.
  5. Click on ‘Run’ next to it to start the troubleshooting.

Once the running complete the Windows will take you to the troubleshooting steps.

Reset MS Store Settings

No matter the technology is hardware or software remember one thing always, stock one the better one. People may successfully change the default settings of a program but it also causes the issues. Infact it slows down the entire functionality of the program or product. So try to continue with the stock settings.

Fix Microsoft Store Stuck on Start­ing Download

  1. Open Settings using Win key + I shortcut or, click on Windows icon and than select Settings “gear” icon.
  2. Navigate to Apps and select Apps & Features, and search for Microsoft Store.
  3. Once you see the Microsoft Store option, click on Advanced options.
  4. Scroll down and select Reset option.

After reseting the settings all of the MS functions will get back to the factroy settings. It will not delete any of the app internal data or app its self.

Windows Update

It’s not just a solution infact it is a proper trick that can solve many of the Windows internal issues. Maybe you can get the Microsoft Store Stuck issues rectified through Windows Updating or downgrading.

Fix Microsoft Store Stuck on Start­ing Download

  1. Launch Settings on your computer.
  2. Click on the Update and Security.
  3. Check if any update it Pending, click on install Now.

If your Windows is uptodate and still facing the Microsoft Store Stuck on Starting Download! You need to downgrade the recent version. Before downgrading try to reset the Windows Update Once.

Reset Update

Updates are the integral part of Windows and any other OS you already know about that. Sometimes the update crahses in half or it gets failed to implement the security pactches and fixes. In such cases it causes various issues and operation failures. Best treatment to such occurances is to reset the Update.

Windows 10 Update resetting is a simple procedure and here’s how you can do it.

Launch Windows Run dialog [Win+R] and type the following command.


Fix Microsoft Store Stuck on Start­ing Download

  1. This will open the Service Manager, Press the W to jump to the Windows services section.
  2. Locate Windows Update, select it and press the Stop button as shown below.
  3. Meanwhile, open the C: drive folder and search for SoftwareDistribution, rename it to SoftwareDistribution_[date]
  4. Navigate back to the Services Manager and click on the Start button.

Once you done this task, open Microsoft Store again and redownload the apps. This time it will work fine.

Conclusion – Microsoft Store Stuck on Start­ing Download

It is the harsh fact that the best computer operating system has the worst app store. Most of the times it doesn’t work. Our whole team, writers, developers, managers never used the MS Store ever. We always use the browser to download the software like other Windows users do. So, if microsoft store is not working you can download the app from other websites, file hosts etc.

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