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How to Merge Spotify Playlists on Mobile & PC [2022]


A comprehensive guide to Merge Spotify Playlists on Mobile and Laptop.

Spotify is now available globally and it is compatible with many Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. Now there is a misconception that if you are using the same Spotify account on cross platforms, data will be the same! This is not true. Spotify Playlists on Android phones and Spotify Playlists on Windows are 2 different things even if the account is the same.

Quick Method

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 Windows PC: Spotify app > Select the playlist > Select all songs > Right-click > Add to Playlist > New Playlist.  


 Smartphone: Spotify app > Library > Playlist> Three Dots icon > Add to playlist > Select Playlist or New Playlist > Enter name > Create. 


 Playlist Merger: Visit Playlist Merger’s website > Connect with Spotify by Sign in > Select First Playlist > Second Playlist > Toggle on > Next > Enter name > Finish. 

Now the users face the problem on Playlists because users love some songs for a time, then they find a new one. So, the music taste remains the same over time no matter what device you are using.

The users are asking if can they merge Spotify playlists on Mobile and PC. Yes, they can merge Spotify Playlists on Mobile and PC. All they need to do is to follow a simple method.

Combine Spotify Playlists on PC

[1]. Launch the Spotify app on your Windows PC or Macbook.

[2]. Open the playlist you like to merge the songs from.

[3]. You can also select individual or multiple songs from the playlist. Right-click on the individual song. If you want to go with multiple songs, press the Ctrl + A keys on Windows or Cmd + A keys on your Mac.

Merge Spotify Playlists

[4]. After making the selections, right-click Add to Playlist or press Ctrl + C or Cmd + C keys to copy the songs.

Merge Spotify Playlists

[5]. You can paste the songs on the playlist by pressing the shortcut keys Ctrl+ V or Cmd + V.

Repeat the same steps to merge the additional playlist on your Spotify app.

Merge Spotify Playlists on Mobile App

[1]. Open App Drawer on your Smartphone Home screen. Launch the Spotify app

[2]. Tap on Your Library Option (located at bottom right).

[3]. Tap on the Playlist tab present at the top.

Merge Spotify Playlists

[4]. Select the desired playlist from which you want to transfer the songs.

Merge Spotify Playlists

[5]. Choose the song from the playlist or select all if you want all! tap the Three dots icon at the right corner.

[6]. Tap Add to Playlist.

[7]. Existing playlist or New Playlist, make your decision.

[8]. Type the name for your Playlist and press Create.

[9]. Your selected song will be moved to your new playlist.

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