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Fix: Marvel Future Revolution Unstable Network [2021 Guide]


Several users have encountered the Marvel Future Revolution Unstable Network issue on their smartphones. If you are facing the same issue while enjoying the futuristic gameplay, this post will help you resolve the issue. Because here, I have added simple troubleshooting solutions to help you bypass this error.

How Do I Fix Marvel Future Revolution Unstable Network?

In case of the Marvel Future Revolution Unstable Network error, you should consider two possibilities. Either the game’s files are corrupted or the connected network isn’t allowing you to enjoy smooth gameplay. Meaning, you will be required to perform more than one solution to get rid of this irritating error.


Visit Game’s Social Account

Thanks to Netmarble, they have created a social account of Marvel Future Revolution. So if you ever face any trouble with the game, do visit their Twitter page. Mostly, the developers publish the reason and fix that particular trouble.

Marvel Future Revolution Unstable Network

In addition, do check the comments section. Because there, you get to acknowledge the facts about other player’s experiences. Some players also post the problem they faced and others post the fixes to such problems.

Connect with Wi-Fi

In case you are troubled by the slow/laggy gameplay, you should try to connect your device with a different network. For instance, if your smartphone is connected to the cellular network, you should try connecting it with Wi-Fi. Because this can be due to poor network connection.

Further, players need to stay close to their Wi-Fi routers. Because some routers/devices don’t have a good signal range. So if your smartphone is struggling for a good network signal, you’ll be destined to face the Marvel Future Revolution Unstable Network error.

Re-Enable Marvel Future Revolution

In some situations, users fixed the Marvel Future Revolution Unstable Network issue by simply restarting the game. But if you are playing the game on iPhone, you just need to close it and launch it from the app drawer.

In case you are playing Marvel Future Revolution on Android, you’ll have to force stop the game and clear the game’s cache. If you are not aware of such a process, assist with the following steps:

  • Long-tap on the Marvel Future Revolution icon and select App Info
  • Tap once on Force Stop
  • Now navigate to Storage & Cache
  • Hit the Clear Cache button
  • At last, restart your Android smartphone
  • After your handheld device reboots, launch Marvel Future Revolution on it.

Reinstall Marvel Future Revolution

Now that you have implied the basic fixes to solve the Marvel Future Revolution Unstable Network problem, you should consider implying another universal fix. If restarting or changing the network is of no help, you should consider reinstalling it.

For that, uninstall the game and restart your smartphone after the uninstallation is successfully done. After that, re-install it from an official source i.e: Play Store or App Store. Once the installation is completed, launch the game and start to enjoy lag-free gameplay.


Q) Can You Play Marvel Future Revolution Offline?

A) Players can enjoy parts of Marvel Future Revolution offline. But the game’s developed for tons of multiplayer fun. And, you get to take full advantage of it when your device is connected to the internet. To collect rewards or connect with global servers, you need a healthy internet connection.

Q) Is Marvel Future Revolution Free?

A) Yes, Marvel Future Revolution is developed by Netmarble and it is free to play on iPhone and Android OS. Players are not forced to register by purchasing a premium subscription. They can start their gameplay right after a successful game installation.

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