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Location Services Not Working On iOS 15


Location Services Not Working On iOS 15 Or Map Services Not Woking is not a small issue. In this article, I will go through every troubleshooting option to fix this issue. The tracking services on iPhones are important because they help when you lost your device or when your device is stolen. Other than this, the location services also help the user in tracking food deliveries, ordering Uber rides, and much more.

Additionally. if you are using the location services to get directions on the Maps app, then your device wont is able to provide you with the accurate location or any starting location. Which can cause difficulties in getting accurate location. If the location services are not working on your iPhone or iPad running on iOS 15. Then you can not perform any of the above-said functions on your device.

So, to stay up to date and not to get lost when you are using direction. Then, you have to resolve this issue. I have listed some of the troubleshooting methods below, that will help to fix the Location Services Not Working On iOS 15 issue. Before we begin with the Troubleshooting methods, you should know the exact reasons, why this issue is occurring on your iOS or iPad OS devices.


Location Services Not Working On iOS 15

Why Location Services Not Working On iOS 15

Here are some of the reasons that can cause the Location Services Not Working issue on iOS 15. You might be facing one or more of the following issues on your device.

  1. Sometimes the user disables the Background App Refresh, which can cause this issue.
  2. There might be any bug or issue in the latest software patch.
  3. Incorrect Date and Time settings on the device may be the reason.
  4. Due to a faulty internet connection, the device was unable to pick your accurate location.
  5. You may have accentually disabled location services for a specific app, that is why you are not getting any location on that app.
  6. Often iPhone users disable location services for installing applications from another region’s App Store. This may be the case as the location services are disabled permanently for this purpose.

These reasons might be the cause for Location Services Not Working On iOS 15.

How To Resolve Location Services Not Working Error

Following are all of the troubleshooting methods that you can easily perform on your device. One of these methods will be able to resolve the issue on your iPhone or iPad running on iOS 15 or iPad OS 15.

Restart Your iPhone Or iPad

Facing any small bug or issue o your device, then the first thing you should do is to restart your device. The restarting method always works for small issues and can resolve any kind of small issue on the device. Sometimes, a big issue is also resolved, just by restarting the device. When you restart your device, all of the internal cache memory is cleared which boosts the device performance. Here is how you can restart any iPhone model.

Restart any iPhone Model

Location Services Not Working On iOS 15

Enable Location Services Globally For All Installed Apps

The location services must be enabled for app installed application on your device. If you disable this feature, then you won’t be able to use the location services on any application. Here is how you can do it. Go to the Settings menu > Privacy > Location Services > Enable Location services by tapping on the toggle switch.

Share My Location Should Be Enabled

Share My Location feature should be enabled on your iPhone or iPad, if you u=want to use the precise location for food delivery, or ordering an Uber ride. Moreover, if the Map location is not working, you should also check, whether this feature is enabled or not. Here is how you can perform this task to resolve Location Services Not Working On iOS 15.

Go to the Settings menu > Scroll down to Privacy > Tap on Location Services > Scroll down to Share My Location > Enable Share My Location by tapping on the Toggle switch.

Update iOS or iPad OS

Often there are bugs and glitches on the iOS or iPad OS. Recently we have learned about a lot of issues in the iOS 15. However, there is a chance that you are facing one of those issues. So, update the iOS or iPad OS version to resolve this issue. If you are on the latest iOS or iPad OS version, then wait for the next software release, or try the method explained in this article. Here is how you can check ad update your iOS or iPad OS version on iPhone or iPad.

Go to Settings > General > Software Update

Here you can check for the Software installed on your device. If there is an update available then you can tap on the Download and Install to get the latest iOS or iPad OS version on your device.

After updating check if the Location Services Not Working On iOS 15 issue is resolved or not.

Location Services Not Working On iOS 15

Check Your Internet Connection

A fast internet connection is compulsory for the device to locate your precise location. However, if your internet is acting funny then your device wont be able to locate your accurate location. However, iPhones can easily use 2G internet speed to location the device location. But if the internet connection is not stable and the speed you are receiving is less than 2G internet speed. Then your device may struggle to find the precise location.

So, to resolve this issue you need to check your internet connection or switch to any other internet source. Restarting your WiFi router or your iPhone may resolve the internet speed issue.

Background App Refresh

Background app refresh is necessary for apps to get updates. If this feature is not enabled, then the app will not be able to get your precise location, as the background app refresh is disabled. To enable this feature, use all of the features of your device. Here is how you can enable background App Refresh.

Settings > General > Scroll down to Background App Refresh > Select on Both Mobile Data & WiFi.

Location Services Not Working On iOS 15

Set Date & Time

Most apps on your device need to know your current location, date, and time. If the date and time are not set properly, then many features and functions of the app will not work. Here is how you can set Date & Time on your iPhone or iPad to resolve the Location Services Not Working On iOS 15 issue.

Setting > General > Scroll down to Date & time > Tap on Set Automatically.

Factory Reset – Reset All Settings

If non of the above methods works for you then this is the method for you to try. After this method, if the issue is not resolved, then go to the nearest Apple Store, and get your device checked by an Apple Store Genius. Or any other repairing shop, they will guide you with much better details. As this issue might be of hardware instead of software. Here is how you can reset your iPhone or iPad.

Open Settings > General > Scroll down to the very end and tap on Transfer or Reset iPhone/iPad > Tap on Reset.

Here you will get many options to reset some specific device settings. Select Reset All Setting to completely reset your device. You will be asked to verify, you can do it by entering the device passcode.

This article was all regarding the method to fix Location Services Not Working On iOS 15. If you have any questions, ask in the comment section below. Thank You and keep supporting ItsDailyTech.

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