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iTunes for Chromebook: Here’s How You Can Install It


Because of some flaws on Chromebook, people refuse to use it. Same theory implies for people who wish to use iTunes for Chromebook. Because it’s the only way to connect your iPhone/iPad with Chromebook. But now finally, you can install this facility without having to pay a single dollar.

You may find it hard to believe that you’ll be using the official version of iTunes for Windows 32-bit on Chromebooks. But there’s a proper procedure to complete this task. Because you can’t install iTunes for Chromebooks by implying a straightforward method.

How Download iTunes for Chromebook?

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If you are confused about how to get iTunes on Chromebook, let me help you. Because now it’s not impossible to get this job done. Thanks to the Linux-based terminal support with Chrome, users are allowed to install iTunes for Chromebook with ease. By using the power of commands drafted in this article, individuals can start using iTunes Chromebook.

Simple Installation

Users can only start to install iTunes for Chromebooks using the Linux-based terminals. But for that, they are also required to enable the facility from the Settings of Chromebook. So if you are unfamiliar with the proper steps, assist from the drafted method:

  • From the Settings App on Chromebook, select Linux (Beta) from the left pane. And after selecting this facility, click on the “Turn on” button from the right side of the window.iTunes for Chromebook
  • It’s nesscary that you update the system packages, that’s why you need to execute a command inside the terminal:
    • sudo apt-get updateiTunes for Chromebooks
  • Updating the system package isn’t enough, because you also need to install Wine on Chromebook. For that cause, use the following command:
    • sudo apt-get install WineiTunes Chromebook
  • Once Wine is installed properly, you’ll also be required to turn on the support for 32-bit programs. Because the 64-bit version of Chromebook iTunes doesn’t work properly. So to enable 32-bit, run the following commands one-by-one:
    • sudo dpkg –add-architecture i386
    • sudo apt update
    • sudo apt-get install wine32Chromebook iTunes
  • After successfully executing the commands, click here to download iTunes Chromebooks. And once the file is downloaded, move it to My Files >> Linux Files. You can also change the name of the downloaded package to the name of your choice.how to get iTunes on Chromebook
  • Your next step is to use Wine to install iTunes for Chromebooks. For that, you’ll be required to execute the following simple command. But do change the “itsdailytech” part with the actual name of your Chromebook.
  • WINEARCH=win32 WINEPREFIX=/home/itsdailytech/.wine32/ wine iTunesSetup.exe
  • Now the installation wizard of iTunes will start to appear, you need to install the software by following the onscreen prompts.how to install iTunes on Chromebook
  • Thereafter, iTunes for Chromebook will start to appear inside the application bar.

Unable To Open iTunes Due To An Incorrect File Path?

Many users have also complained about an error caused after installing iTunes for Chromebook. The error states “the shortcut does not open iTunes due to an incorrect file path” It happens whenever you launch Chromebook iTunes from the app’s section. So I’ll what you should be doing to bypass this frustrating iTunes error on Chromebook.

  • Launch the file manager on Chromebook and navigate to My Files >> Linux Files
  • Now click on the three-dotted icon and select Show Hidden FilesiTunes Chromebook
  • Go to the following file path:
    • .local -> share -> applications -> wine -> Program Files -> iTunes
  • Right-click on iTunes.Desktop and select Open With. Now from the menu appearing, click on Open With Text
  • Once the text editor opens, copy and paste the following code in front of “Exec=”. You also need to change itsdailytech with your Chromebook’s name.
    • env WINEPREFIX=”/home/itsdailytech/.wine32″ wine “/home/yourusername/.wine32/drive_c/Program Files/iTunes/iTunes.exe”iTunes for Chromebook
  • Hit the Save button and close the text application.
  • Launch iTunes for Chromebooks from the app menu or add it to the Chrome Shelf for your convenience.

Personal Encounter with iTunes for Chromebooks

After performing a lengthy set of instructions, a person would always want to make the most out of iTunes on Chromebook. But the problem is that you’ll not be able to use the software as you do on a Windows or Mac operating system.

Yes, that’s the fact because Apple devices don’t support connection with Linux-based devices. So in the above-provided procedure, I implemented a job through a Linux terminal to use a Windows-based application on Chromebook.

So the crashing part of iTunes Chromebook is just the beginning. Because sometimes the software doesn’t even detect your devices and doesn’t allow you to log in with an Apple ID. So if you ask for my opinion at itsDailyTech, I would suggest you at least wait until a proper version of Linux is introduced for Chromebooks.

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