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Is Wordle the same for everyone? [ 2022 ]

  • Wordle is not much different from the other word game, but what makes it interesting is the fact that it’s free-to-play.
  • There’s no involvement of any rocket science in the production and processing of Wordle.
  • But there are some famous queries like “Is Wordle the same for everyone”, so I would be honored to explain it.

Is Wordle the same for everyone

Patel Shah is the main reason why Josh Wardle created Wordle, a web-based game with no intentions of getting paid. The developer created this simple, yet quite completing word-puzzle game just to have some fun time with his partner.

As of now, the game’s free and contains no advertisements. So it can be played by anyone with a computer or smartphone. But the game’s bieng played worldwide, so the sharing process of Wordle results has started, so most users want to know whether they are creating unique words or getting the same ones just like others.


Is Wordle the same for everyone?

The straightforward answer for the query Is Wordle the same for everyone, is “Yes”. It’s hard to believe this fact, but it is true. Because Wordle doesn’t randomize the puzzles for each individual. It simply provides the same results for everyone globally.

So there’s no point in using any VPN or proxies to change IP address because you will never get a different Wordle puzzle. Instead, even after implying extra hassle to somehow randomize the words, you will get the same results but might find a way to play past wordle games.

Does Wordle Reset Daily?

It’s a fact that Wordle resets after every 24hours. Other than that, users can also use the date & time modifications to reset it, because the game is played on a web browser that runs according to the selected date & time.

Pro Tip: In case you are unable to change the date & time settings, you should keep the “Set Time Automatically” facility disabled. Because most of the operating systems collect data online from the web, so with facility enabled, they don’t allow you to customize the locational date & time settings manually.

Does Wordle Presents the Same Colors?

Every user gets the Wordle colors depending upon his selection and every color presents a different scheme. The representation of a color is present to help individuals understand how successful they are in completing their word puzzles. Because such a scheme is only made available to help players become successful in Wordle gameplay. If you want to learn more about the Wordle colors, visit the following guide.

What Does Yellow and Green Colors Mean in Wordle?

Can I Add Other Colors in Wordle?

The Wordle colors remain the same for every player, but only people who are color blind can enable the “Color Blind” Mode. This feature is available for individuals who can’t make a difference in the colors due to the default low-contrast colors.

So by enabled Color Blind Mode, the game’s high-contrast colors are enabled and people with a disability of Color Blind can enjoy it also. Other than that, users can also enable the Dark Mode for a more focused gameplay, without having to hurt their eyesight. This action would simply change the background or the game’s interface color to black, helping you play Wordle with more focus.

Wordle Modes

Can I Increase Wordle Game Difficulty?

For users who are bored by completing easy game puzzles in Wordle, can easily change the difficulty level. By navigating to the game’s settings, they can enable the Hard Mode. Afterward, start to complete with the Wordle board that can only be defeated by the pros and the ones with good english vocabulary.

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