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iPhone 13 – Release Date, Specs, Price & Leaks – All We Know


As the end of 2021 is getting closer, the release dates of the new iPhone 13 series are getting close. The major release dates of Apple products are always in the Fall session. Within just a few weeks we will have our hands on the most powerful iPhone ever. It is expected that like iPhone 12 release Live Stream we will be seeing the Live Strem of the iPhone 13 series and many other Apple products.

Here we are providing all the information that we have gathered from the first leak of iPhone 13 till now. Moreover, the leaks of iPhones are getting bigger and bigger every year. Due to these leaks, we have the complete spec sheet, Price, and images of the newest iPhone. Furthermore, one of the most reliable leakers of Apple devices Kang is now facing a lawsuit from Apple. Kang is now approaching other leakers to warn them about the lawsuit.

From the past few months, we have seen a lot of Apple leaks from various sources. Now we have the unseen photos of all models of iPhone that are going to release. iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max are the models of iPhone that are going to release in a few weeks. However, it is still a debate among leakers whether the naming of new iPhones is iPhone 12 S, etc.


What We Expect On The Latest iPhones

According to the demands of the iPhone users and the latest leaks, we have seen regarding iPhone 13. Here are some of the improvements on the latest iPhone that users will love. Moreover, Apple is so confident with the new iPhone that there has been a bump up the order of new iPhones. On iPhone 12 launch Apple ordered 65 Million iPhones units. However, it has come to our attention that Apple has ordered 90 million units of iPhone 13.

On the iPhone 13 Pro Models, we are expecting to see the 120Hz LPTO Displays. The battery life of these iPhones will improve significantly by using these displays. Moreover, iOS 15 will completely optimize the device for optimal performance to increase battery life. A more powerful and energy-efficient 5G modems are being used. All cameras on the new iPhones are getting physical and software base upgrades. A new Video Potrte mode is also underway on the new iPhones.

What Are LPTO Displays?

LTPO stands for low-temperature Polycrystalline oxide. This type of display allows the screen to dynamically change its refresh rate. No additional hardware components are required by the display and the graphics units to control the refresh rate. This technology is still being using by Apple on their iWatch Series 5.

iPhone 13 – Release Date

Due to Covid-19, we were expecting a delay in the iPhone 12 launch, which was delayed to 13 October 2020. However, Apple analyst resources are saying that this year the Apple release schedule is back on track. This means that we will be seeing a September launch by Apple.

However, due to the latest Covid-19 circumstances in the USA and the mandatory lockdown in the entire country. We may see some delay in the release of the newest iPhone.

iPhone 13 – Price

As far as we know, that Apple tends to keep the prices of their devices similar to the previous model prices. But there is always a slight change. One leak suggests that the prices will be the same as iPhone 12. Moreover, iPhone 12 Mini was the cheapest iPhone of 2020 at the price of 699$ and iPhone 12 Pro Max was launched at the price of 1099$.

iPhone 13 – Models

As we have seen four models of iPhone 12 and various leaks suggest that we will be seeing four models of iPhone 13. Moreover, the sales of the iPhone 12 Mini we not so well, But still, Apple is going for iPhone 13 Mini. So let’s suppose that we will see four models of the iPhone 13 lineup. However, the 5G version of the iPhone SE will not be launching till next year.

iPhone 13 – Naming

Rumors are that Apple is using the name iPhone 13 for the lineup. As we have seen in the past few years, the names of iPhones were iPhone 11, then next year iPhone 12, and now we are expected to see iPhone 13. However, some rumors are going around, that this year we will see iPhone 12s lineup.

However, we won’t know the actual names of the new iPhones until the official lunch of Apple devices in the Fall. All the latest reports and leaks suggest that Apple is going with the iPhone 13 naming sequence. Moreover, iPhone 13 will be mirroring the line-up structure of the iPhone 12 including naming, design, and models.

iPhone 13 – All Models Designs

Hand-full pics of the new iPhone 13 have been leaked on the Chines social media platform. With those images in comparison, we can see a lot of differences in the design. However, the main structure of the iPhone is completely the same, but there are some tweaks. Some tech reviewers may say that this is the biggest design change ever in iPhone history.

The new design includes a new set of speakers on the top of the device. A new diagonal camera design for the result iPhone 13 model. The Pro model has new big camera sensors and modules. Moreover, the Pro Max version will have the best camera setup among all the iPhones.

new big camera sensors and module

There are some small changes in the location of the buttons and other options on the exterior of the screen. The sim tray is slightly moving downward. The power button is also sliding downward, this will make it easy for the user to access the power button without moving the thumb.

iPhone 13 – Leaks

The pictures of the iPhone 13 dummy have been leaked, however, these leaked photos contradict the previously seen leaks. These images show that the normal iPhone 13 does not have a diagonal camera setup. Moreover, the iPhone 13 Pro Max might be slightly larger in size, from the last year’s iPhone 12 Pro Max.

iPhone 13 - Leaks

We have also seen the covers created for the iPhone 13 Pro Max. These covers indicate that the camera module of the iPhone 13 Pro max will be enormous if compared with iPhone 12 Pro Max. However, this leak is still not confirmed by reliable sources.

Notch Design

The notch design on all new iPhone models has been decreased by a significant percent. The smaller notch design is achieved by Apple by combining Infrared Flood Luminator, Dot Projector, and sensors into a single module. Now fewer sensors and chips are used for creating more efficient Face ID on the latest iPhone 13 models. This is how Apple is decreasing the notch size on the new iPhones.

notch design

The notch design leak and the diagonal camera unit leak are confirmed on Weibo which is a Chinese social media platform. Moreover, another Apple insider report shows that the Face ID chipsets will decrease from 40% to 50%. So a smaller face ID sensor also indicated that the notch design will also decrease. So this leak is confirmed from multiple resources.

Earpiece Speaker

The earpiece speaker on iPhone 13 cannot be housed in the notch anymore, because Apple has decided to decrease the notch Bezel size. The Face ID chipset will be placed in the notch along with the front-facing camera unit. However, Apple has decided to move the earpiece to the very top of the screen between the body and the glass. This new location makes it possible for better audio output and to increase the sound quality.

earpiece speaker on iPhone 13

In many leaks, we have seen the iPhone 13 Pro Max dummy units. These dummy units indicate a smaller notch design. Moreover, some leaked photos of the iPhone 13 Pro Max indicate that the earpiece speaker is moved to the top of the screen. The notch design is decreased, and the camera unit is on the left side of the screen.


After seeing the iPhone 13 Dummy Units, we can say that this year the iPhone 13 will be slightly thicker and the camera unit is increased on all models. Moreover, another leak relating to the iPhone 13 shows that the size is slightly thicker, diagonal camera setup, and has a smaller notch design.

iPhone 13

Touch ID

Some leaks and rumors point toward that Apple will feature an under-screen Touch ID. However, there are many doubts about this leak. But in today’s world wearing a mask outside your home is necessary for your health safety. But sometimes Face ID failed to recognize the person with a mask on.

So have a secondary biometric option for unlocking your device is highly recommended and is in demand by many Apple users around the world. However, some reports indicate that Touch ID on iPhone will be an exclusive feature on iPhone 14 in 2022.

iPhone 13 Portless Design

The biggest leak of this year was that Apple was working on a Portless design of the iPhone 13 and there will a model of iPhone 13 that will be completely portless. The portless design will remove the lighting cable connector on the iPhone. and the device will only recreate by using the MagSafe chargers or other wireless chargers.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said in a report saying that these leaks are not possible.

“At present, the MagSafe ecosystem is not mature enough, so the iPhone will continue to use the Lightning port in the foreseeable future.”

iPhone – Colors

There are many iPhone 13 color rumors. Here are all those colors of the iPhone 13 Pro, that was common in the rumors.

  1. Black
  2. Silver
  3. RoseGold
  4. Sunset Gold.

Moreover, the regular iPhone 13 is expected to have a new Pink color. But this information is still not verified so it is hard to say anything at this time. Some old leaks indicate that iPhone 13 Pro will also come in Mat Black and a new Bronze or Orange color.

iPhone - Colors

iPhone – Display

The display size of the iPhone 13 lineup will be the same as iPhone 12 lineup. But Apple has added some new features to the screen of the iPhone. A report from ET News reviled that iPhone will now be using the 120Hz display on the iPhone 13 Pro models.

iPhone 13 Pro with 6.1 Inch display and iPhone 13 Pro Max with 6.7 Inch display will feature a 120Hz refresh rate display. This type of screen will have a smooth display, the scrolling will be much smoother, gamers can react faster, and video playback will be crystal clear.

iPhone - Display

Display Leaks

Leaks relating to iPhone displays are lit. It is rumored that iPhone 13 will have LTPO Panels. Moreover, Samsung is creating all the displays for the iPhone 13. Additionally, Samsung is also manufacturing Circuit Boards for the iPhones to connect the displays with the motherboard.

Other leaks point toward the always-on display on iPhone 13. If LTPO panels are used on the iPhone 13, then the device will have the capabilities to feature this unique addition to the iPhones screen. Multiple leaks are backing up this feature. However, it is still not confirmed that this feature will be on iPhone 13 Pro models or for the regular iPhone 13 models as well.

iPhone 13 Specifications

The major upgrade on the iPhone 13 is the main onboard processor. Last year the most powerful A14 Bionic chipset was used. The new iPhone 13 will likely have the A15 Bionic Chipset. Which will be the most powerful chipset offered by Apple. Moreover, a new system-on-a-chip (SoC) adds more power to the A14 Bionic Chipset.

It is predicted that this will enhance the overall performance of the A15 Bionic. Moreover, the efficiency of the device’s performance will also get a major boost. However, the major changes on the iPhone will be seen on the iPhone 14. When Apple creates a 4-nanometer chipset. Currently, iPhone 12 has an A14 Bionic 5-nanometer chipset.

Additionally, according to a report Apple has ordered 100 Million A15 Bionic Chips for the iPhone 13. Apple says that the demand for the new iPhone 13 is much greater than the iPhone 12. Since we are talking about the A15 Bionic processor for performance. Along with that, a major factor is Storage. Now let me give an overview and details regarding storage that you will get on iPhone 13.

iPhone 13

The Storage on iPhone 13 is expected to start from 64 GB and end at 512 GB. However, we have seen an Apple analyst report saying that there will be an option of 1TB storage on iPhone 13 Pro models. If this news comes true, then 1TB storage will be the maximum storage option ever seen on an iPhone.

The wireless connectivity of the iPhone 13 is also getting a huge boost. The settlement documents of Apple with Qualcomm revealed that Apple is planning to use Qualcomm’s X60 5G modem on iPhone 13. Some sources say that Apple won’t be manufacturing its own modems until 2023.

Qualcomm’s X60 5G modem can directly link with the onboard chipset. This will result in the best performance with less battery consumption. This will also enhance the 5G performance because Qualcomm’s X60 5G modem can combine millimeter Wave and sub-6GHz 5G networks simultaneously. As we are talking about wireless connectivity and 5G, then WiFi is also a part of this conversation. iPhone 13 is coming with WiFi 6E which is a variant of WiFi 6 and supports much faster WiFi speeds ever seen.

iPhone 13 – Battery

The battery life on iPhone 12 was not very impressive, but iPhone 12 Pro Max was a beast when it comes to battery life and battery performance. Ming-Chi Kuo reported that soft battery technology is being used on iPhone 13. This means that the new iPhones can offer increased battery capacity without changing the design or the size of the battery.

This claim is backed up by a leaker on Twitter who has claimed that battery capacity will increase on all iPhone 13 models. The iPhone 13 Pro Max model will have the largest battery and will gain another 18% increase in battery capacity. The iPhone 12 Pro Max has a 3,687mAh battery, let’s add another 18% this will make it 4,325mAh.

The increase of battery capacity on other iPhone 13 models is less. But this increase in battery capacity is enough for a daily iPhone user. Thus, the increase in battery life will resolve the short battery life issue on iPhones.

iPhone 13 – Charging

The chargers coming with iPhone 12 maxes at 20W. However, there was a rumor in the tech industry that Apple will be launching a 25W charger for phones. This charging brick will be able to fast charge all Apple devices that support fast charging. However, there is no reliable source that can confirm this.

iPhone 13 - Charging

Moreover, there were some rumors that Apple will be including reverse wireless charging on the iPhone 13. Using this feature, users can recharge their iWatches and AirPods directly from their iPhones. But some reports indicate that this will not be happening and we may see this feature in iPhone 14 which will be the most innovative iPhone ever.

iPhone 13 – Cameras

The camera setup on iPhone 13 is getting bigger and better. Some reports indicate that iPhone 13 will have a new 6-element ultrawide lens. Previously the ultrawide lens on iPhone 12 was with 5-elements only. For basic knowledge, the more element in the lens the image quality gets better.

iPhone 13 - Cameras

An Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo states that iPhone 13 will provide autofocus on an ultra-wide lens. This is the first time, Apple will be adding autofocus to a wide-angle lens. The additional element in the lens will result in better image quality of the photos captured by a wide-angle camera on an iPhone. However, this addition to the camera lens is only available in the iPhone 13 Pro models.

On the iPhone dummy units, we can easily see that the camera lenses on iPhone 13 are larger than before. Large camera sensors indicate that more light will pass through the sensor when taking images in low-light settings. Moreover, large camera sensors mean large pixel sizes.

Now the cameras on iPhone 13 can capture more light in normal settings, this will increase the image quality. But the one major thing that concerns me, whether the regular iPhone 13 will get this upgrade or not.

iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 pro max will also have a large aperture on the ultra-wide lens. Both devices will come with an f/1.8 aperture. This is a huge improvement on the ultra-wide lens. Previously on iPhone 12 Pro Max, the wide-angle lens had an aperture of f/2.4.

Additionally, we have also read a report which verifies that all iPhone 13 models will get Sensor-Shift Stabilization. This feature is currently available on iPhone 12 Pro Max only. This sensor is much better than optical Image Stabilization and contains many other benefits. Moreover, the stability of video with Sensor-Shift Stabilization is way over the charts.

The cameras on iPhone 13 are getting new features. Here are some of the confirmed features on all iPhone 13 devices.

  • Night Sky (Take better photos of the sky at night time, activate this feature by directing the camera lens toward the sky or the moon)
  • Record videos in Portrait Mode. (Blurs background behind the object)
  • Improved ultra-wide camera lens.
  • Auto night mode in a low-light environment.
  • Improved nighttime performance.
  • Add depth of field after recording the video.

iPhone 13 & iOS 15

Whenever a new iPhone is launched, Apple also releases its latest operating system. In this case, iOS 15 is the latest software offered by Apple. Currently, we have seen the Developer Beta 4 of iOS 15. However, the final release of this software is expected to release with iPhone 13 in a few weeks.

Moreover, iOS 15 is coming with many amazing features some those amazing features include Focus mode, Mail privacy protection, FaceTime between Android/Windows/iPhone, Notification announcement, Drag-n-drop files, Safari Extensions, Hide My Email, White Noise, Live text on photos, Offline Siri, and much more.

iOS 15 is fully optimized and has the power to optimize the performance to maximum power output when required. iOS 15 is compatible with iPhone 6s and later devices. We have installed all of the Beta versions on our iPhone 12 Pro Max and the performance of our iPhone was increasing with every Beta update.

However, on iPhone 13 the performance of iOS 15 will be huge because iPhone 13 will come with a new processor that is A15 Bionic. When the latest processor of Apple combines with the latest iOS version, then the performance output will be much greater than we have ever seen before.

Keep visiting ItsDailyTech, here we will be providing all the latest updates of iPhone 13 and iOS 15. Thank You for your time, ask a question in the comment section below to clear your quires.

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