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iPad OS 15 & iOS 15 Public Beta Now Available – Download Now


Apple has finally released iPad OS 15 & iOS 15 Public Beta. Users who are enrolled in the public Beta testing program can now download Apple’s latest software. This is the first public Beta software for iOS 15 and iPad OS 15. Users can enjoy all the latest features offered in iOS 15 before the official release of this software for the general public.

Who Can Download iPad OS 15 & iOS 15 Public Beta

By reading the title “iOS 15 Public Beta” users may think, that the software is available for all public. However, this is not the case, The Public Beta of iOS 15 is only accessible by users who have created a Beta testing profile. Moreover, a developer account is required for downloading the Public Beta version of iOS 15. You can register your account as a developer account for just 99$ per year.


What is the difference between Developer beta and public beta

There is no major difference between Developer beta and public beta. However, both developer and public beta’s have the same built. The main noticeable difference between these beta programs is the targeted audience. The developer beta receives more updates because they are designed to test the software for bugs and fix them.

On the other hand, the public beta is used for testing the software. If the public beta testes find any bug or issue in the software. Then he or she will have the option to provide feedback on the bug or the issue they have encountered. Moreover, if you want stable beta software on your device then you should go for the public beta software.

How To Download iOS 15 & iPad OS 15 Public Beta

Note: Before installing Beta software or downgrading your Apple devices. Make sure that your device is backed up by using iCloud, Finder, or iTunes. Also, learn about the features of iOS 15 Public Beta.

  • Open the Safari web browser on the device, on which you want to install the Beta software. (iPhone or iPad)
  • Visit the official Apple Beta Software Program page and sign in to your account. Moreover, you also have the option to signup for this program if you want public Beta or iOS 15 on your device.
  • Now download the Beta profile on your device and install it. Your device will need to reboot before you can start the installation of the Public Beta of iOS 15 or iPad OS 15.
  • After reboot, unlock your device and head over to the Settings menu.
  • Scroll down and open the General option. Scroll down to the end of the page and select Software update.
  • On this location, your device will show the iOS 15 or iPad OS 15 public beta. Previously, this was not available in the software update section.
  • Click on the download and install button to start the downloading of iOS 15 or iPad OS 15 public Beta.

iOS 15 Public Beta

The size of this Beta is around 5.55 GB. So you must have at least 6 GB of free storage on your device. Once the download is completed you can install it on your Apple device. Moreover, your device will need to reboot again for the installation to complete.

I know you guys might be confused after seeing the screenshot that I have added above. The software version label reads as “iOS 15 Public Beta 2″ and iPad OS 15 Public Beta 2” respectively. This is not the second version of the public Beta. Apple has only named it public Beta 2, to keep the version naming in sequence with the developer public beta version.

Moreover, you are expected to face some bugs and issues. However, you can report these issues to Apple so the developers can fix the issue. If you are facing a lot of bugs then you can downgrade to iOS 14.6 if you desire. However, make sure that you don’t back up your device on iOS 15, or you won’t be able to get your data back on iOS 14.6.

Also, learn the method to Install Beta Profiles on your device without using a Developer account.

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