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iOS 15 Features – Everything You Need To Know – All New & Best Features Explained


iOS 15 Features – Apple has officially announced iOS 15 in the WWDC 2021. However, the last year iOS 14 update was massive which introduced widgets and an app gallery to the iPhone. As we learn more and more about the iOS 15 Features, it feels like a laid-back update.

The main focus of this update is to improve the essential functions of iOS. And to enhance the core iOS experience. Currently, the first Beta of iOS 15 has been released for developers on 7 June 2021. Moreover, the public version of iOS 15 Beta will be available in July 2021.

Overview – iOS 15

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As we are still in a Covid-19 pandemic, the usage of video calls has been increased. In iOS 15 many improvements have been done to FaceTime. Moreover, my new features have also been added to FaceTime. Additionally, in iOS 15 many small changes have been done to enhance the iPhone user experience.

In iOS 15, many new privacy features, New Notification display, Redesigned Safari, Weather, Maps, and New tools for reducing distraction have been added. Moreover, the said release date of iOS 15 is in fall 2021. Apple always releases final iOS updates with new iPhones. So we can say that iOS 15 will be released alongside iPhone 13 and related devices.

iOS 15 Features


Redesigned Notifications

In iOS 15, the notification page and the notification view have been completely redesigned. The notification will show the display icon of contacts and large app icons so the user can identify the app easily.

iOS 15 Features

Notification Summary

Notification summary is a newly added feature to the notifications. Notification summary collects all non-important notifications and displays them at the same place and time. These notifications will be delivered at the most appropriate time according to your device using habits.

Moreover, these notifications are collected according to your interactions with the applications. The on-device intelligence system analyses, which apps you don’t use or have minimal usage. The notifications of these applications will be moved to Notification Summary.

iOS 15 Features


In iOS 15 a new tool has been added to reduce distraction. This tool is known as Focus. The Focus tool will filter notifications and home screen pages to show the user what he wants to focus on at a specific time. However, this tool still allows urgent notifications to appear.

Moreover, when this tool is blocking notification, then that specific application will send a message to the person saying that “the user is not currently available unless it is urgent”. Furthermore, the Focus tool will use the onboard intelligence system to determine which app should show notifications. Over time the system will learn your routines and this feature will work outstandingly.


In iOS 15 multiple changes have been done to improve the video and sound quality. FaceTime now uses Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos integration. This feature makes it appear that the video call sound is coming from the place where the person is located on the screen.

Moreover, multiple sound modes have been added to reduce the background sound or listen to background sound with a wide spectrum. Furthermore, you can also use the portrait mode for video calls and also add a blur effect in the background. New grid mode allows you to view more people. Also, you can use the optical zoom of your device’s back camera on FaceTime calls.


SharePlay is a newly added feature in FaceTime. This feature allows the FaceTime participants to share experiences with each other. Participants can enjoy media like Apple Music songs, TV shows, or movies. This media is synced with all Facetime participants.

Moreover, every participant has the control to play, pause, stop, skip or add items to the shred queue. Using the sharply feature, you also get the ability to share your device screen to view applications with each other inĀ  FaceTime call.

The connectivity of SharePlay extends to iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV. This allows the users to view shows together on a big screen instead of a small screen of your iPhone. Moreover, while using SharePlay you also get the messaging option.

FaceTime Link

While you are on a FaceTime call with your buddies and you want to add more friends but you don’t have their contact information saved. You don’t have to worry you can simply create a FaceTime link and share it on my social messaging application or via direct messages.

FaceTime links can be opened by using the FaceTime application on your Apple device. Moreover, for the first time, FaceTime links can be opened by using a web browser. This method brings FaceTime to Android and Windows platforms. These FaceTime calls are fully encrypted with end-to-end encryption to maintain privacy.

iOS 15 Features


Apple Maps now offers an interactive globe view and significantly improved details in a new 3D view for cities. The navigation for local public transport has been redesigned so that travelers can find stations nearby and mark their favorite routes. Users simply hold their iPhone and the Maps app generates an accurate location to provide step-by-step directions using the camera.


Safari Web Browser on iOS 15 has a completely new design for enhancing the user experience. All the controls are brought to the bottom of the interface. So users can easily use all the features of Safari Web Browser with just one hand. Moreover, a completely new floating compact tab bar has been added to the bottom of the interface.

Users can easily swipe between different tabs of the browser. This floating compact tab bar also contains Smart Search Field. Also, use the Tab Group feature to save all of your Tabs in a folder, which you can use to sync between Apple Deices. Furthermore, All tabs will appear in a newly designed grid view.

For the First Time in iOS 15, Safari Web Browser has gained the ability to run Mobile Web Extensions and the start-up page of Safari Web Browser is also customizable. In iOS 15, Safari Browser is more secure, Private, Intelligent, and also protects your IP address. There are many more iOS 15 Features of Safari that are not mentioned here.

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