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iOS 15 Beta 3 Now Available For Download


iOS 15 Beta 3 and iPadOS 15 Beta 3 has been officially launched by Apple. Users who are part of Apple’s beta testing program can now download the latest beta software on their devices. This is the developer beta version, which is only for developers for testing and improving Apple’s latest operating system. Normally, the developer beta version is released, then afterward, the public beta version is released.

Moreover, the public beta 3 will consist of the same build as the developer beta 3. The build number of iOS 15 Beta 3 is 9A5297e. The iOS 15 latest Beta consists of all the same features. However, these features are improved, and all the bugs that were in the iOS 15 Beta 2 were removed. On iPadOS 15 Beta 3, the multitasking feature has been refined. This increases the iPad user using experience.

Beta software is developed for advanced users, so they can test the beta software to remove bugs and issues. If the user has access to the developer profile or the account. Then they can easily download and install the Beta software on their device. However, the main thing that the user need is an iOS 15 compatible iPhone or iPad.


iOS 15 Beta 3

What’s New in iOS 15 Beta 3

In iOS 15 many features have been refined. Beta 3 contains all the refined features and software compared with Beta 2. In iOS 15 beta and iPadOS 15 betas, the safari designs have been upgraded. A new search engine design has been introduced with a secondary method to reload web pages. This secondary method in safari, can be used by tap and holding the URL bar.

Moreover, we all have heard bout the Focus mode and how it removed unwanted notifications from the device, allowing the user to focus on the important work. In Beta 3, the Focus settings are updated and improved for a better user experience. Furthermore, a splash screen is added to the Apple App Store for highlighting all the new features in iOS 15. This new screen informs the user regarding new in-app events and app widgets.

In the settings menu, a new rest option has been added in the iOS 15 Beta 3. In the reset menu, you will find a new option labeled as Transfer or Reset ‌iPhone. This option will guide you through the entire method to transfer all of your data to a new iPhone. Moreover, you can even transfer data if you don’t have enough iCloud storage.

Downloading the Latest Beta

For downloading the latest beta profile, you need to have a developer account. Users can easily create a developer account from the Apple official website. However, the developer account costs around 99.9$ annually. We assume that you are enrolled in the developer beta program. So here is how you can get Apple’s latest software on your device.

Note: Always backup your device before updating the software especially when you are installing the beta software.

  • Open the settings menu on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Scroll down and open the General settings option.
  • Now scroll down to the end of the page, and select the software update option.
  • Here you will see the available Beta software for iOS 15 Beta 3 or iPad OS 15 Beta 3.
  • Tab on the Download and install option.

iOS 15 Beta 3

The software will start downloading over WiFI only. Moreover, the size of this Beta software is around 1.21 GB on iPad. Once the download is completed, you will be notified to install the software. Open the software update option can tap on the Install button. Your device will reboot. Make sure you don’t disturb the installation process. And your device must have more than 50%  charging.

Additionally, if you don’t have a developer beta count then you can use this alternative method to install iOS beta 3 without a developer account.

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