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iOS 15 Beta 2 Available For Developers – Download Now


Apple has now officially released the iOS 15 Beta 2 and iPadOS 15 Beta 2 for developers. Users can free download these two beta versions on their devices. However, iOS 15 Beta II and iPadOS 15 Beta II are only available for developers who are in Apple’s Beta Testing Program. Furthermore, the public iOS 15 Beta and iPadOS 15 Beta are not released yet.

New Features In The iOS 15 And iPadOS 15

If you are planning to upgrade your iPhone OS then iOS 15 is the latest software offered by Apple. This OS contains many new and improved features that iPhone users will love to have. iOS 15 Beta 2 is now available and is significantly stable than the iOS 15 Beta 1. Moreover, iPadOS 15 also includes some features that are specifically designed for iPad’s.


Features Of iOS 15

iOS 15 Beta developers are working day and night to perfect the features offered in iOS 15. Here are some of the top features of iOS 15.

  1. Screen Sharing in FaceTime.
  2. Create FaceTime Links.
  3. FaceTime on Android and Windows.
  4. Offline Siri.
  5. Updated and redesigned Weather App.
  6. Live Text from photos.
  7. Copy and search text using the camera.
  8. Redesigned Safari.
  9. Safari Tab Grouping.
  10. Safari now supports extensions.
  11. Focus Mode, a new feature for Do Not Disturb.
  12. A new Look For Notifications.
  13. Improvements in Health app, Music, Spotlight, and many more.

iOS 15 Beta 2

Availability of iOS 15 Beta 2

The public iOS 15 Beta is not yet released by Apple. However, users or developers, who are enrolled in the Apple Beta Testing Program can download the iOS 15 Beta II. If you are new then you can get the official Apple Developer Account of 99$ per year. Visit the official Apple website and start your Enrollment of the Beta Developer Account.

Downloading iOS 15 Beta II and iPadOS 15 Beta II

Note: Always back up your device before you start upgrading, downgrading, or installing Beta software. You may lose your data forever if something goes wrong.

Now follow the procedure given below to download and install iOS 15 Beta II and iPadOS 15 Beta II on your device. Moreover, I am explaining this method on an iPhone. The same method is used for downloading and installing iPadOS 15 Beta 2. Moreover, follow this method if you have the official Beta Developer Account on your iPhone or iPad.

  • Open the Settings app (iPhone or iPad)
  • Scroll down and open General.
  • Now open Software Update.
  • iOS 15 Beta 2 will be available here, click on it.
  • From the bottom of the screen click on Download and Install.

iOS 15 Beta 2

The size of this Beta version is around 1.75 GB. The iOS software will download on your device. Once the download is completed, the device will tell you to install it. Agree to the installation and your device will reboot to complete the installation process. Make sure your device is undisturbed and fully charged when you are installing the iOS software.

If you are new to the Developer Beta Program and want to learn the complete installation with every single detail. Then read the mentioned article “How To Install iOS 15 Beta

How To Download & Install Beta 2 Of iOS 15 Without Developer Account

Downloading and installing iOS Beta without a developer account is a risky process. As always make sure all data of your device is backed up. Moreover, Beta profiles mostly contain bugs because developers are working to fix those bugs. Moreover, some functions of your device may stop functioning or some apps may crash. However, you will be able to access all the new and improved featured offered in iOS 15.


Refer to the article mentioned above to learn the complete detailed installation method of iOS 15 Beta 2 without a developer account.

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