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Fix: Instagram Stories Skipping Too Fast [2022]


Instagram users are facing many server-side issues, one of which is Instagram Stories Skipping too fast.

There are fewer chances that this issue is triggered from the user side because it’s mainly a server-side issue, that will be fixed after an update from the developer team arrives.

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Since not every IG user would like to wait for an update, I’ve come up with solutions to bypass this issue. Such workarounds are reported by many users on Twitter and Reddit, which helped them in bypassing this error.

How Do I Fix Instagram Stories Skipping Too Fast?

The IG story skipping error started triggering after the latest Instagram update. Such an error only gets triggered when users are viewing images in the stories, it doesn’t appear when they are viewing text or videos in stories.

Total Time: 5 minutes

Get Rid of Broken Glass

A broken or cracked screen protector can be a headache. Especially, when you are viewing stories and a faulty tap can skip a story.

In that case, if you have attached any broken screen protector or glass on your smartphone, it’s time for you to either get rid of it or install a healthy protector.

This would help you improve the performance of your mobile’s touch sensors and avoid any faulty taps.

Keep Display Cleaned

Always ensure that no dirt is on your device’s display, while you are using it to view IG Stories. Because the small objects from the dirt can cause the stories to skip fast.

So before unlocking your smartphone, clean it with a piece of clothing and make sure that all of the dirt is cleaned off it.

Install Older Version of Instagram

Since the issue arrived in the latest update, only Android users have the option of installing an older version of Instagram, to bypass this issue.

Instagram Stories Skipping
Individuals can consult with websites like UptoDown to get an older version of the app. And once the downgraded version of Instagram is installed, keep using it, until a new update hits the market.

Clear Instagram Cache

Clearing the Cache memory of Instagram is highly recommended. As it would remove the issues that are caused due to fault files that are stored in the cache of the app.

1. Long-tap on the icon of Instagram and select App Info.

2. Navigate to the Storage tab.

3. Tap on the Clear Cache button.

4. Restart your device and launch Instagram.

Wait for Instagram Updates

If all else fails, you should wait for an Instagram update. Because now you don’t have any options left.

In case you just can’t wait for enough, you can also contact Instagram support and tell them about the problem that’s irritating you.

Now, wait until the support team contacts you with error resolutions.

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