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Fix: Instagram Not Working in Chrome [2022]

  • Instagram’s mobile app isn’t just enough for everyone.
  • Many of us prefer to use the web version on our computers.
  • Today’s guide is for PC users, irritated by Instagram Not Working in Chrome.
Instagram Not Working in Chrome

Instagram has a user base of over 2 billion, which is quite huge.

But most users prefer to use its mobile app because the web version doesn’t contain all the good features and is a little laggy.

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Well, if you are one of such users who are troubled by the Instagram not opening on Chrome error, consult with the following section to fix it.

How Do I Fix Instagram Not Working in Chrome?

Instagram’s web version can respond laggy, because of the involvement of third-party resources. It’s a possibility that the error doesn’t reside within Instagram but within Chrome.

By considering some possible scenarios behind this Instagram web not working issue, I present some workarounds to bypass it.

Total Time: 6 minutes

Check Instagram Servers

Before implying any lengthy tricks to fix any issue related to Instagram, you should first check out Instagram’s server status.

There are times when the whole meta servers are down and other platforms like WhatsApp & Instagram also stop working.

So the first thing you need to do is to check whether Facebook and WhatsApp are working or not.

If these portals are working quite well, it would be best to consult with websites like DownDetector.

Such a website would allow you to identify the current status of Instagram servers.

Delete Site Data

Chrome stores the site cookies and account data for you.

Sometimes such cookies data contains glitches that can intercept your current activities.

It would be best if you remove the site data and start from scratch.

So first launch the Instagram website and click on the Lock icon from the URL bar.

Select Site Settings from the menu.

From the next window, click on the Clear Data button.

Use Incognito Mode

If you find that Instagram’s cookies data is causing issues, you should consult with the Incognito Mode.

This way, no site data will be saved inside the browser’s cache memory, and your identity will also be secured.

To launch the Incognito Mode, press Ctrl + Shift + N keys from your keyboard.

Remove Unwanted Extensions

Some third-party extensions can have trouble with the Instagram web version.

And while you have just installed these extensions, but not using them at all, you should remove them from your browser.

Go to chrome://extensions/ using the URL bar.

Click on the Remove button placed inside the unwanted extension.

Once the extensions are removed, relaunch Chrome.


Maybe your device’s cache memory is intercepting badly with Instagram’s services.

But you don’t need to clear all the cache memory, but only remove the IP addresses and DNS records.

To do so, launch the Command Prompt using the search bar.

Execute the following command:

ipconfig /flushdns


After executing the aforementioned command, restart your PC.

Choose A Different Browser

Last but not least, you should consider using a different web browser.

There are lots of chromium-based browsers that can be used to launch Instagram online.

You can visit my guide to learn about some alternatives to Google Chrome.

FAQs: Instagram in Chrome

Why Is Instagram Not Working on My Laptop?

If you keep using different web browsers and still find no luck in launching Instagram online, you should ensure that Google DNS is entered in the Network & Internet Settings. That’s the main reason why most users are unable to launch Instagram on Chrome.

Instagram Not Working on My Laptop

How to Fix Instagram Images Not Loading in Chrome?

Images won’t load on any web browser if the connected internet connection isn’t fast enough. So try connecting your device with a fast internet connection or simply connect with the mobile hotspot.

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