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Insta­gram Not Show­ing Your Pro­file Picture? Fix the issue with these simple solutions


If anyone of you facing Insta­gram Not Show­ing Your Pro­file Picture issue, this is the best repair shop for you. Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms and databases in the world. Infact we can say it is the second one among the social media in terms of the number of users and quantity data. There are thousands of people who are managing Instagram to ensure its smooth performance and stability. But, in the end, Instagram is still a piece of technology that can never be errorless.

Minor issues are common in Instagram and every other internet-related platform. Most of the time the issue is at the user’s end. A bug or glitch in the app causes the malfunction. In that case, we can’t blame the product company and they can’t help us in case of OS or hardware issues. We have to solve it using DIYs techniques.

Fix Insta­gram Not Show­ing Your Pro­file Picture


Recently we saw some users complaining about specific Instagram issues in the Reddit community. They were discussing the “Insta­gram Not Show­ing Your Pro­file Picture” issue. After some research we found many other people discussing the same issue on different platforms. Our team brought some solution after personal experimentation. All of these solutions are effectively ranked here according to their potential. So, follow them one by one. Maybe the “Insta­gram Not Show­ing Your Pro­file Picture” issue will get fixed before you reached the last solution.

Check your Internet Connection

Most of the smartphone application issues are carried when your internet is not working. Instagram is an online app so, it can’t be used without an internet connection. Sometimes we don’t even know that the internet connection is not working and we were blaming the app.

To check your internet connection is working or not! Use Chrome to browse anything or play random videos on YouTube. If they are working fine, you can move to the first solution.

Instagram App Rebooting

App restart can refresh the app and the temporary glitch which was causing “Insta­gram Not Show­ing Your Pro­file Picture” can be fixed. That’s how you restart the Instagram App on Android.

Instagram Not Showing Your Profile PictureFirst of all, clear the recent Instagram tab from your smartphone recent tabs. Double press the home button or tap on the tabs icon at the home screen button layout. Clear the Instagram tab or clear all tabs to refresh all apps including Instagram.

Now launch the Instagram App and check either Insta­gram Not Show­ing Your Pro­file Picture or not.

Logout From Instagram and Login Again

You can say that this is the account rebooting. Log out from the Instagram app and then Log-in again with the account credentials. Maybe the bug or glitch that is causing Insta­gram Not Show­ing Your Pro­file Picture issue will get fixed due to this.

  1. Open the Instagram App.
  2. Tap on your Account icon.
  3. Touch on the Hamburger icon.
  4. Tap on the Logout option.

Once you logged out from Instagram. Login again with the ID and password or through the Facebook. There is a strong chance that you will clearly see your profile picture this time.

Clear Cache

Clearing cache is one of the most recommended solutions by tech experts in case of any app-related issue. Especially for social apps and browsers, it is a must to clean these apps’ cache twice a week at least.

Clearing the cache of any Instagram App is a very easy procedure. It is located in the Settings, then apps, then Instagram. Follow the below steps.

1. Open the Android Settings App on your phone.

2. Select the applications and then select Instagram App.

3. Tap on the Storage option and then tap Clear Cache.

Upload New DP

Sometimes the picture size which is trying to set as a dp is not according to the Instagram requirement. The idea for the Instagram profile picture is 320 x 320 pixels. If your current picture size is not accordingly, your profile picture will not be displayed properly. We suggest you choose a working Instagram image resizer tool. Or, you should select another picture which size is according to the requirement.

Check the format

Instagram commonly supports only 2 types of formats for the profile picture. One is JPG/JPEG or PNG, these are the formats that you can easily upload on Instagram. If you are trying to upload a profile on Instagram in formats like webp, pdf, tiff, jiff, etc then Instagram will not accept it.

Reset App Settings

If someone modifies the stock settings of the app, there is a strong chance that the product will be vulnerable.

Reset the app settings and restore them to default/factory condition. The below screenshots will show you how to do it.

Use the Desktop

If a user is facing the “Insta­gram Not Show­ing Your Pro­file Picture” issue on a smartphone, he or she should try to upload or change the profile picture on Instagram using Desktop. Maybe the issue is with your phone only. Other users can see your Instagram profile picture and other devices are displaying it properly.

Uninstall and Reinstall the Instagram App

Uninstalling the app and then re-installation is an effective way to solve my applications software-related issues. Once the app got removed from a phone it takes the corrupt files and bugs with it. Again install the fresh app with a new version from Google Play or AppStore.

Insta­gram Not Show­ing Your Pro­file Picture! Contact Support

If all methods are failed to solve the Insta­gram Not Show­ing Your Pro­file Picture issue! It’s time to avail of the final option. Contact Instagram Support and report your issue to them. They can surely fix your issue.

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