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How to Fix Instagram Keeps Crashing


Are you facing Instagram Keeps Crashing or not signing-in issues?

If yes, then it’s mainly because Instagram’s servers aren’t responding properly. In that case, your best shot is to wait until the IG servers are back alive-n-kicking.

Many users have been complaining about this issue, and most of them aren’t up to waiting 24 to 48 hours. Well, such users have the option of performing some workarounds.


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I’ve enlisted some of the working methods for this error, so users can keep using Instagram on iOS and Android devices, without having to face any crashing issues.

How Do I Fix Instagram Keeps Crashing?

Users need to keep checking for recently launched updates from Instagram, as it’s their best shot at reviving the app from crashing issues.

And if all else fails, they should install an older version of the app on their Android devices, so they don’t face the issues that are affecting the current version of the app.

But before proceeding to any procedure, they should check the server status of Instagram via DownDetector, as this website would provide the correct server outages.

Just in case the servers are down, users would not have any choice left, but to wait until IG’s servers are back alive.

Total Time: 3 minutes

Update Instagram App

1. Launch the Google Play Store or App Store.

2. Use the search bar to open the installation page of Instagram.

3. Tap on the Update button, to help your built-in store install the latest version of the app.

In case there’s no Update option available, it’s because the app’s team hasn’t yet provided an update file, to fix the errors. So you should perform another solution to bypass this problem.

Install Older Version

Only for Android users, there’s an option of installing an older version of the Instagram app. This would allow them to bypass any issues that are currently active in the latest version of the app.

1. Long-tap on the icon of Instagram and select Uninstall.

Instagram Keeps Crashing
2. Once the application is uninstalled, download an older version of the app from UptoDown.

3. Install the downloaded version and launch it.

Clear IG Cache

Instagram app’s junk files can be problematic at times. In that case, users should remove the cache files from the app’s memory, and check if that helps them revive the app’s performance or not.

1. Long-tap on the icon of Instagram and select App Info.

2. Navigate to the Storage tab.

3. Tap on the Clear Cache button.

4. Once the cache is removed, restart your mobile.

5. Launch the Instagram app to check for error resolutions.

Opt for Web Version

It may sound crazy, but on the web version, users don’t face any crashing issues. So if you have a computer, you can log into the platform by visiting the Instagram.com website.

Instagram Keeps Crashing
Even if you are not ok with using a computer to sign into a social platform, you can launch a web browser on your smartphone, and use it to keep using Instagram on the web.

While using IG on a web browser, you will not encounter any login or crashing issues, so it’s best that you keep up with the web version, until there’s an update available for the Instagram app.

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