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Fixes: Instagram Keeps Crashing on iOS 16 [2022]


Apple can make luxury and good-looking gadgets without any doubt. But, when it comes to interface and OS there are limitations, restrictions, and complex development. It also causes issues for the app developers and the users.

Whenever iOS’s new version arrives we see a hell of complaints regarding the app crashing issues. Not only the small underrated apps but also the big names like Instagram faces difficulty in compatibility. So they have to update their app with every iOS major update.

At our tech community where we interact with solution finders, many members were complaining about the iOS 16 Instagram App Crashing issue.


Trying to Fix Instagram App Crashing issue on iOS 16

Individuals are required to consider three main scenarios, before implying any fixes to this Instagram app issue.

Instagram Keeps Crashing on iOS 16

They should consider an outdated OS and app.

Further, consider the possibility that some corruption in the system OS is causing this error.

So by considering such case scenarios, I deliver some workarounds to bypass this problem.

Update iOS Version

An outdated iOS version can lead to numerous errors. So for your sake, always keep the iPhone iOS updated to the latest build, it would allow you to fix various issues that you are currently encountering on your iPhone or iPad.

  • From the home interface, tap on the Settings icon.
  • Navigate to the General tab.
  • Go to Software Update
  • Keep the Automatic Updates enabled and in case of a pending update file, tap on the Download & Install button.

Update Instagram App

The older version of the Instagram app gets the job done, but it also responds laggy in some instances. So for your best interest, you should try to update it manually by performing the following steps:

  • Launch the App Store on your iPhone/iPad
  • Use the search bar to launch the Instagram app
  • If you are getting an Update button beside the app’s name, tap on it and allow your device to complete this action without any interruption.

Turn Off Instagram from iCloud

By default, the Instagram app is synchronized with iCloud, so that all of the user’s data is stored in the cloud storage that can be accessed from other devices with the same iCloud account. But turning this facility off can help you bypass the Instagram App Crashing issue on your iPhone.

  • From the Settings app, tap once on your Profile details.
  • Go to the iCloud section.
  • Locate the Instagram app from the given list.
  • Disable Instagram toggle off.
  • Choose the “Delete from iPhone” option.
  • Now, check if that helps in resolving the issue.

Customize App Restrictions

Some users have mistakenly restricted the Instagram app from their iPhone Settings. Such users need to check if that is not the case, and if it is, turn off the app restrictions to keep benefiting from Apple’s built-in notetaking app.

  • Launch Settings on your iPhone/iPad
  • Navigate to Screen Time → Content and Privacy Restriction
  • Turn Off the Content and Privacy Restriction toggle.

Remove Unwanted Apps

To do so, launch the background apps switcher (swipe up and hold to open it) and remove all the background running apps. Now, launch Instagram and check if that helps in fixing this problem.

Reset iPhone

As a last resort, you can try to reset your iPhone to default settings. This action will only restore the default settings, so it’s harmless, and you don’t need to create a backup, before executing it.

  • Launch Settings and tap on General
  • Navigate to “Transfer or Reset iPhone”
  • Now, tap on the “Reset” button and confirm your action.

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