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Fix: Instagram Add Music Option Not Showing [2022]

  • Instagram is a video and image sharing social media portal.
  • It allows one to add music to the IG posts.
  • I will discuss methods to fix Instagram Add Music Option Not Showing.
Instagram Add Music Option Not Showing

Many product and career hunters consider Instagram a resourceful platform. Because it lets one create an indulging post so that a user can attract more audience to his content.

For creating an attractive post, IG gives the option of adding music to it. Most users prefer to use background music tactics to keep their audience interested.

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But for some critical reasons, that music option just stops appearing in the app. In that case, users are required to perform some workarounds to force IG into delivering the music option back.

How Do I Fix Instagram Add Music Option Not Showing?

Here’s a list of methods that can be implied to get back the music option for IG posts. However, these methods are applicable to Android and iOS devices.

Total Time: 6 minutes

Upload One Photo At A Time

Do remember that you only get the option of adding music to your content, when you upload one file at a time. Because IG doesn’t give this option to be implied in bulk.

So if you are trying to upload multiple photos, just don’t do that. Upload one photo at a time and hopefully the music option will start appearing for you.

Log Out/Into Instagram

Sometimes your IG account/app is unable to connect properly with the servers. In that case, your only hope is to log out of the app and log back in, to avoid such kind of server glitch.

1. Navigate to your Instagram profile page.

2. Tap on the hamburger icon and select Settings.

3. Under logins, tap on the Logout link.

4. Relaunch the app and log into your IG account.

Check Internet Connection

It is also possible that your smartphone is connected to a network that’s not alive-n-kicking.

In that case, try consulting with websites like “speedtest.net”. Because such websites allow you to check the downloading and uploading speed of the connected Wi-Fi or cellular data.

If you encounter, slow internet speed, shift to a different network, so that Instagram Not Playing Videos Automatically.

Clear Instagram Cache

Only Android users have the option of clearing the cache of the Instagram app. They need to do it to clear all the junk files that are interrupting the real-time app’ interface.

1. Long-tap on the icon of Instagram and select App Info.

2. Navigate to the Storage section.
Instagram Add Music Option Not Showing
3. Tap on the Clear Cache button.

Force Restart Instagram

Maybe the Instagram app is just asking for a break from you. In that case, you should force restart the app on your mobile device.

To do so, close the app and remove it from the background running apps.

Now, relaunch the app from the App Drawer.

Update Instagram

Always keep your Instagram app updated to the latest version. Because the developer delivers the fixes for the previously encountered bugs in the shape of updates.
Update Instagram
If you are using an Android device, update the app from Google Play. Else, iPhone users can manually update IG from the App Store.

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