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How to Tell If your Facebook Information Leaked or not


Well, if we talk about internet platforms then every second click either go on YouTube or goes on Facebook. Google is still at the top. If we talk about the world’s best tech security and privacy teams then the same answer as above. Facebook is working for more than a decade, during such a long time period Facebook took its security and privacy measures at the top of the world. They are still working or improving it more and more.

Harsh Reality of Internet

Well, the biggest drawback of technology is the parallel growth of positivity and negativity. As the internet platforms work on the improvements of their websites and apps, Cybercriminals work parallel to them. The creators improve their creations and the breakers improve their ways. Platforms designed new measures to stop invading and dark outsiders designed new measures to break those measures.


Facebook Information Leaked!

If we have to give the best example for our above theory then Facebook’s latest breaching case is the best example of it. We are not going to talk about thousands or lacs, we are talking about half-billion accounts! yes! 500 million Facebook accounts information is leaked in a recent global cyber attack.

As the news spread speedily, users are worried about if they are victims of this breach or not. It is said that the attackers targeted the user’s full names, email addresses, phone numbers, birthdays, and location information, etc. Maybe these are not the most precious data but still, these are a private piece of information.

If you want to check out either your Facebook Information leaked or not then we got a few ways through which you can confirm.

How to Check Your Facebook Information leaked or not?

Here are the few sources which can confirm your Facebook Account Information was leaked or not. The procedures are very simple and the products are free. So, there will be no hurdles of time and money.

How to tell if your Facebook Information Leaked

Visit the haveibeenpwned.com, this website is working and pretty useful. All you need to do is to enter your Mail ID which was on your Facebook Account. Once entered the ID, press the enter button. After a few seconds, users will find out how many breaches are done on his/her account.

Passwords Breaching

You can also check to see if your passwords have been compromised? To find out if yours is on the list, go to the site’s password page and look yours up. And, yes, it’s safe to do so on this site, which takes serious measures to protect your security. Just remember you should be extremely wary of unknown sites that ask for your password. Remember unsecured, and low-quality websites can easily steal your passwords. Never try to access them.

If the results don’t come in your favor. The first thing you need to do is to quickly change the passwords. We can’t bring the loss back but better future planning to avoid the breaching is still in our hands. Be sure to make a different password for every site and use a password manager to keep track of them all.

How to stop Facebook Information from leaking

There are many measures that we can adopt to stop Facebook Information leaking. Never rely on the stock methods, you may know Facebook CEO was recently accused of selling the personal information of users in the previous elections. So, if you want to continue using Facebook, it’s better to keep your safe side.

Use the 2-factor authentication option for Facebook and other social platforms that you are using. We explained 2-factor authentication in our recent topic How to tell if your phone is hacked. This feature creates a second layer of security around your account. Somehow if a criminal manages to break your account password, it will not be able to break the second code.

2 Factor Authentication sends you a code on a registered phone number or Mail. Without that code, no one even you can’t sign in to your Facebook account. Users can also use the apps like Google Authenticator to receive the code.

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