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How to Watch YouTube Videos on Apple Watch [2022]

  • Apple Watch is a wearable smartwatch used for enhanced communication purposes.
  • It can be used to make calls, send messages, and read emails.
  • I will discuss the procedure to Watch YouTube Videos on Apple Watch.
Watch YouTube Videos on Apple Watch

The purpose of a smartwatch is to help consumers bring convenience to their communication and productivity protocols. It also allows them to stay healthy, it’s a great fitness partner for a person. But it also includes some hidden features, one of which can be used to watch YouTube videos with ease.

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I know that it’s not much fun in watching videos on a smaller display, but when you are into meditating or relaxing sounds, you would wanna use your smartwatch to get relaxed. However, there’s no dedicated application to help you listen to YouTube on your smartwatch, still, you can imply some workarounds to achieve this goal.


How Do I Watch YouTube Videos on Apple Watch?

There are actually two ways which can be implied to listen to YouTube media on Apple Watch. Either you can launch the embedded link which you received via iMessage or take advantage of the third-party app named WatchTube. With both of these methods, you can watch a YouTube video for free on your Apple Watch.

Total Time: 2 minutes

Using iMessage

1. Keep your Apple Watch turned on and paired with your iPhone.

2. On the paired iOS device, launch the YouTube video that you would like to watch on your Apple Watch.

3. Tap on the Share button and from the list of apps, select Messages.

4. Choose the recipient as yourself or your friend. You can also ask others to send you a YouTube link on iMessage.

Watch YouTube Videos on Apple Watch
5. Now, open the Messages app on your Apple Watch.

6. Visit the received notification and tap on the received link to watch the YouTube video.

Using WatchTube

The WatchTube app is available for Apple Watch consumers with watchOS 6 or above. With the help of this application, users get a clean interface to help them watch YouTube videos. Since it’s a third-party app, some services are missing, like you won’t be able to watch YouTube shorts and your Google account won’t be synced. Though, it’s a good way of watching YouTube videos on your Apple Watch.

1. Get the WatchTube app for your Apple Watch.

WatchTube App on Apple Watch
2. Once the application is installed, tap on the Search field and use it to get your favorite video.

3. Select a video from the provided search results.

4. You can use the Apple Watch’s speakers or AirPods to listen to the launched media.

FAQs: YouTube on Apple Watch

Is It Possible to Get YouTube Music on Apple Watch?

Gladly, the YouTube Music app is officially available for Apple Watch. You can install it from the Apple Store, on your Apple Watch with watchOS 6 or above.

Can I Install Netflix on Apple Watch?

Yes, you can also install the Netflix app on your Apple Watch. Just go to the My Watch section on your smartwatch. Now, from the list of available apps, select Netflix. Afterward, sign in using your active Netflix account to start streaming media on your Apple Watch.

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