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How to Watch Netflix Together on Zoom [2022]

  • Netflix is a subscription-based video streaming service.
  • It doesn’t have any built-in facility to help you watch movies with your friends.
  • I will guide you on How to Watch Netflix Together on Zoom.
Watch Netflix Together on Zoom

Even in times, when you have nobody around, you can still watch your favorite movies with friends online. And you can complete this task, without having to spend a penny. Well, it’s totally up to you, services like Zoom meetings are free to use, and you can access them to share your Netflix interface.

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The benefit of using Zoom to watch Netflix together is that you get manipulate the shared content. You can pause the sharing facility, record the shared content, and even chat with your buddies while streaming Netflix. So it’s a better option for every Netflix user, who wants to keep up with online movie parties.


How Do I Watch Netflix Together on Zoom?

The procedure of enabling the sharing facility is different on smartphones and computers. And, for users who are irritated by the black interface or lags, usage of the Zoom Desktop client is recommended. That’s why I have decided to deliver methods for desktop and mobile device owners, to use Zoom for Netflix sharing.

Total Time: 3 minutes

Watch Netflix Together on Zoom Online

PC users have the option of using Zoom online. So that’s a good thing that they can share the interface of Netflix while streaming movies or tv shows with their friends online. They just have to enable the screen sharing facility on Zoom.

1. Launch a web browser and visit the Netflix website on it.

2. Once you have signed into Netflix, launch Zoom on your computer.

3. Invite friends, with whom you like to watch Netflix online.

4. Now, wait until your friends join the meeting.

5. Select the Screen Sharing tab from the bottom menu bar.

6. Choose your PC browser, in which you have launched Netflix.

7. Ensure to select the Computer Sounds and Optimize Screen for Video Clip options.

8. Click on the Share button.

9. Launch a movie or tv show on Netflix to watch it with your invited friends.

Watch Netflix Together on Zoom for Mobile

Both Zoom and Netflix apps are available for Android and iOS devices. So you can use the Zoom app to share Netflix with your friends, without having any problems. You just have to enable the Broadcasting feature in Zoom, to complete this task.

1. On your smartphone, launch the Zoom app.

2. Start a meeting and invite friends, as you please.

3. Select the Share Content option.

4. Tap on the Start Broadcasting option.

5. Launch the Netflix app and start watching it with your friends on Zoom.

Watch Netflix Together on Zoom without Black Screen

Users who are irritated by the black screen on Zoom should consider using the Desktop version. As it would allow them to get rid of the Black Screen or any lags while sharing Netflix content with their friends.

1. Launch the Zoom Desktop app.

2. Click on the Settings icon.

3. Select Video >> Advanced.

4. Check the following options:

i. Video Processing
ii. Sending Video
iii. Receiving Video

5. Now, get rid of the black screen on Zoom.

FAQs: Watch Netflix Together on Zoom

How to watch a movie on Zoom without lag?

If you are facing audio or a black screen on Zoom, while sharing a movie with friends, you should consider using the Zoom Desktop client. As it allows you to enable the Video Processing, Sending Video, and Receiving Video, facilities, to help you bypass any screen sharing problems.

How to share a screen on Netflix with friends?

You can use apps like Zoom to share a screen from Netflix with your friends. There’s no need of paying any additional charges for that cause, Zoom allows you to enable Screen Sharing for free.

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