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How to Use Shazam on iPhone Without Downloading the App [2022]

  • Shazam is a song identifier now owned by Apple Inc.
  • Users can download the app and shazam a song, whenever they please.
  • I have come up with some solutions to Use Shazam on iPhone Without Downloading the App.
Use Shazam on iPhone

To be honest, Shazam works more correctly on iOS devices. That’s why Apple has added a facility to help their consumers use the song identifying services without completing any app installation.

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Yes, there are actually some methods iOS users can implement. And they don’t have to assist with any third-party services to complete this task.


How to Use Shazam on iPhone Without Downloading the App?

Here I present some workarounds to help iPhone users benefit from Shazam without installing any app.

Total Time: 2 minutes

Add Shazam to Control Center

One way to use Shazam on your iOS devices is through the Control Center. You can add the icon of Shazam inside the Control Center by customizing some appearance settings.

1. Launch the Settings app and go to the Control Center.

2. Go to the More Controls section and locate the Music Recognition option.

3. After locating the Music Recognition service, tap on the + icon.

4. Navigate back to the home screen of your iPhone and swipe down from the top-right corner.

5. If you can see the Shazam icon, it means you are successful.

Using Shazam to Identify Songs

After adding Shazam to your iPhone’s control center, you can start to identify songs at any instance. But only while you are listening to that song.

1. First of all launch the Control Center.

2. Tap on the Shamzam’s icon.

3. Wait until you are provided with the music recognition results.

Alternative Way to Identify Songs

In case you are not into performing any hassle to complete the task of using Shazam, here’s another way for you.

Thanks to the voice assistant provided by Apple, you can enable music recognition by using Siri.

You just have to use the command “What Song is This“, while listening to the music.

Now, get the results from Siri within seconds.

Getting Shazam History on iPhone

Many users like to keep a record of their music history, and so does Shazam. It allows one to get the list of all the songs identified by Shazam.

To do so, swipe down the control center and long-press on the icon of Shazam.

This list of previously identified songs will be delivered to you.

That’s all, thanks for your time spent reading ways to Use Shazam on iPhone Without Downloading the App, at it’sDailyTech.

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