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How to use Hisense TV without Remote [2022] Free


5 Simple and easy ways to use Hisense TV without Remote. Bet You didn’t know that you can use Hisense TV without a Remote.

In the past, TV’s were just TV there were no extra features. But in this era, TV sets are not boring anymore.

They got things now, you know what I mean.


Nowadays, there is no term TV, it’s now Smart TV. Because now a TV 📺  has a Built-in WiFi. You can watch 8K Videos. The best part is that TVs are coming with Android OS.

That doesn’t mean you don’t need an Android Phone. It will be very hard to carry your Android TV around.

Today the main reason behind making this post is to help Hisense TV users. In this post, they will learn how to use Hisense TV without Remote.

Because quite often people miss-place their TV Remotes and then it seems there is no way to use a smart TV.

But that is not true.

I am about to tell you 5 different ways to use Hisense TV without a remote. So you are among those Hisense TV users who have misplaced their TV remote or whatever the reason is. You don’t have to worry, all you need is a smartphone and you are good to go.

Hisense TV without Remote

How to use Hisense TV without Remote:

There can a number of reasons that can lead you to find an alternative for your Hisense TV remote.

Sometimes our TV Remote batteries are out. Maybe your TV Remote is broken or you’ve ordered a new one but it will take days to arrive.

In such situations, my workarounds will help you and you will be able to use Hisense TV without a Remote.

#1: Use Buttons on the Hisense TV

This is my first and most commonly used workaround for not only Hisense TV. But for all other Smart TVs.

Most of the Smart TVs still come with the button. Either they are at the back or below. You can always use buttons for Power, Settings, Channel, and Volume controls.

So if you have happened to be in a situation when you don’t have your Hisense TV remote. You can go for the buttons and thus you can use Hisense Smart TV without a Remote.

Just for Knowledge: The Latest Smart TVs are coming with only one button, that allows you to Turn off and On your TV.

You can see an example below in the photo.

Hisense TV without Remote

Roku App for RokuOS Hisense TVs:

There are many Smart TV brands that use RokuOS and Hisense is also among those brands. Now if you have happened to own a RokuOS Hisense TV. Heed the instruction below.

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I am using Roku App to use RokuOS Hisense TV.

How to Use Roku App:

Use Hisense TV without Remote [ Roku App ]
  • Download Roku app on your Android and iOS device.
  • Once app is installed. Open it and it will start searching for a device.

Your Android device and RokuOS Hisense TV must on same Internet network. Otherwise Roku app won’t be able to find your RokuOS Hisense TV.

  • Once your device is connected with the Roku App. Tap on the remote tab located at the bottom left side of the screen.

That will be all. Now your smartphone will work as a TV for your RokuOS Hisense TV.

This app work same as a TV remote.

Android TV Remote App for Hisense TVs:

If you want to use your Hisense TV without Remote. You should try using the Android TV Remote App.

Since latest Hisense TVs are coming with Android OS. That means even you lost your Hisense TV remote. You don’t need to buy one.

Use the official Android TV Remote App. Let me tell you how you can use it.

Hisense TV without Remote
Use Hisense TV without Remote [ Android TV Remote ]

How To Use Android TV Remote:

  • Download and Install Android TV Remote on Android or iOS Device.
  • Open the app and it automatically starts looking for a Android TV on your network.

Reminder: Told your before, make sure both devices are on same network.

  • Once Android TV Remote app finds your device, connect it with your smartphones. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Open the remote pad and start Controlling your Hisense TV from your smartphone.

Not only you can control your Hisense TV with Android Remote TV App. You can also use your Android keyboard for typing.

So how’s the things going for you till now. I am sure these workarounds are making sense to you.

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I will keep on going and provide you more workarounds to use Hisense TV without Remote.

Google Assitant to Control HiSense Smart TV:

Google Assitant can control a number of devices including your HiSense Smart TV. Why not control our HiSense Smart TV with Google Voice Assitant.

Let me tell you how you do ” OK Google, Turn off my TV ” and it works.

Use Hisense TV without Remote [ Google Home ]

Use Google Assitant:

  • First download Google Assitant on your Android or iOS devcie.
  • Your HiSense Smart TV and your smartphone should be on same network.
  • Open Google Home app and it start searching for device connected on your network.
  • When you see your Android TV in devices, tap on it and follow the on-screen instructions.

You can use Voice and on-screen controls to control your HiSense Smart TV.

Now that you have connected your HiSense Smart TV with Google Assitant. All you have do, say ” OK Google, Turn off my TV, Turn On, Mute, Volume Up & Down “.

This works I do all the time to mess with my mates.

Last workaround is kind of old school. I am not sure it will work. But it’s worth trying.

Control Hisense smart TV with Infrared from Mobile:

Back in the days, I use to prank my family members using Samsung devices as a remote. At that time every Samsung device has a built-in Infrared sensor.

It used to work all the time but now it has been disconnected. No more Infrared for us. But there are devices who still have Infrared sensor built-in. If you happened to own one, you may be use it to control your Hisense TV without Remote.


These are some possible ways to control HiSenseTV with your mobile phone. However, if your mobile phone is not compatible with HiSense TV, you can order a replacement remote. This guide will help you use the Hisense smartTV without a remote.

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