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How to Update Zoom on Chromebook? [2022]

  • Zoom is an American Video Conferencing app that can be installed on ChromeOS.
  • It allows one to host a video meeting with up to 100 participants for free.
  • I will discuss two methods to Update Zoom on Chromebook.
Update Zoom on Chromebook

Chromebook is considered a good option for professional courtesies. As with ChromeOS, users get the option of using web applications with ease, without having to face privacy leakage issues.

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And Zoom is the most frequently used application for people who work from home. As it is used for joining and hosting video meetings, it allows one to collaborate with his colleagues in a safe environment.


No user would ever want to face any glitches during video conferencing. And that’s why it’s always recommended that you keep the app updated to the latest version.

How Do I Update Zoom on Chromebook?

There are two possible ways to update Zoom on Chrome OS. Either you can allow the operating system to perform the upgrading automatically, or do it manually by yourself.

I’ve discussed both of these methods, to help you keep Zoom updated on Chromebook.

Total Time: 2 minutes

Update Zoom by Restarting

If you don’t want to perform any extra hassle in upgrading the Zoom app, you can simply restart your Chromebook and let the Chrome OS install the updated versions automatically.

1. Navigate to the toolbar placed at the right bottom corner of your Chromebook.

2. You need to click on the Power Off button to turn off your Chromebook. You can also do that by long-pressing the power-off button from your keyboard and selecting the Shutdown option.

3. After waiting for about 10 to 20 seconds, turn on your Chromebook and wait until it completely boots the Chrome OS. It will automatically install the pending updates.

Update Zoom by Restarting
4. Now, launch the Zoom app on your Chromebook, to enjoy its upgraded version.

Update Zoom Manually

In some cases, Chrome OS is unable to install updates of third-party apps. So in such situations, your only hope is of updating the app manually, using the Chrome store’s services.

1. From the main interface of the Zoom app, click on the Settings icon.

2. Navigate to the About page and check the currently installed version of Zoom.

3. Visit the Zoom page on the Chrome web store and check if the currently installed version matches the version on the chrome store or not.

4. If you are currently using the older version, uninstall the Zoom app.

Update Zoom Manually
5. Now, re-install the Zoom app from the Chrome store.

FAQs: Zoom on Chromebook

Can I Change Zoom Background on Chrome OS?

Yes, you are allowed to change the background on Zoom. To do so, navigate to Settings → Background & Filters → Virtual Background.

How to Turn On Zoom Reactions on Chromebook?

You can enable Zoom reactions by navigating to Account Management → Account Settings → Meeting. Afterward, turn on the Meeting Reaction toggle.

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