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How to Uninstall Apps in Macbook, Mac Pro (Monterey, Big Sur & Earlier) [2022]


A simple tutorial on how to Uninstall Apps in Macbook Monterey, Big Sur & Earlier.

I am sure most of you people know how to delete or uninstall apps in Mac OS.

However, you don’t know that when you uninstall an App on Macbook, it is removed partially.


All the related data and files are there on your system.

That’s why I have made this post to tell you how you can completely Uninstall Apps in your Macbook.

Let’s get started.

Uninstall App on Mac:

A short guide to uninstall an app on Mac. This method is applicable to all Mac OS.

Total Time: 3 minutes

Open Finder


Head over to the ‘Finder‘, look at your left side, there will be a number of Tabs. Click on the ‘Applications‘ Tab as Shown above.

Select The Application


When you are in Application Tab, you will see all your installed apps there. ‘Right-click‘ on the App and select the “Move to Bin” Option.

Clear The Trash


Once the app or software is moved to the bin, that means you have uninstalled an app or software. But it’s still on your Mac and eating up the space. In order to permanently delete software or program. Right-click on the Trash icon and select “Empty Bin.

Now you know how you can delete or uninstall Apps in Macbook or iMac. Use these same instructions on every Macbook, iMac, Apple Laptop, etc.

Now let’s move on and learn how to completely uninstall Apps on Macbook running Monterey, Big Sur & Earlier.

How to Uninstall Apps in Macbook (Monterey, Big Sur & Earlier)

You need to follow the instructions provided below and as I said before you can try all of these methods on all of your Mac devices.

Delete or Uninstall Apps from LaunchPad:

How to Uninstall Apps in Macbook
Delete or Uninstall Apps from LaunchPad

• Open ‘LaunchPad‘ on your Macbook, iMac, Mac Pro, Mac Mini, etc. ( You can click on the Launchpad icon from the dock or you can open it from the touch bar ).

• Next up ‘select‘ the app you want to delete. ( You don’t have to click or right-click on any app, just select the one you want to delete)

• Once you have selected the app, Press the ‘Alt/Option‘ key and you will see all the apps icon will start to jiggle ( just as they do on iPhone ).

• Now you will see the ‘x’ icon against all the apps. Click on the ‘x’ and your selected app will be deleted.

• After that, head back to the Bin, right-click, and select ‘Empty Bin‘.

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IF an app is running in the background or one is currently opened on Mac. You cannot delete that app, unless you close it or force close it using the activity montior.

Important Notice.

What if you want to delete a program or software on Mac?

Delete Program on Mac Using Launchpad:

Deleting a program on a Mac is the same as deleting an app.

All the apps and programs installed on Mac can be seen on the Launchpad.

Now if you want to delete a program on Mac using Launchpad, heed the instructions below.

• Open ‘LaunchPad‘ on your Mac.

• Next up ‘select‘ the program.

• Click on the ‘x’ and your selected program will be deleted

How to Uninstall Apps in Macbook
How to Uninstall Apps in Macbook

• After that ‘Empty the Bin.

Delete app Data from the App root folder on macOS Mojave/Catalina

• Open Finder or head back to the home screen of your Mac.

• On the top Navigation bar, Click on ‘Go‘ and then select ‘Go to folder.

How to Uninstall Apps in Macbook
How to Uninstall Apps in Macbook

• Next up you will see a ‘blank White Window‘. Now in order to access any root folder, you have to add the path in the Go To Folder.

• Just for an example, I have added the following path to access the data of the crash reporter. It will show me all the data of crashed applications.

~/Library/Application Support/CrashReporter/

How to Uninstall Apps in Macbook
How to Uninstall Apps in Macbook

Go to folder gives you the option to access all the root folders in Mac.

If you want completely delete or uninstall apps in Macbook. You need to obtain the path to that folder.

Once you do, add into Go To folder option and access all the remaining data of an app or program.

Alternate Methods to Uninstall Apps in Macbook:

If you are unable to delete or Uninstall Apps on Macbook still after using all the methods given above. Try the following one.

• Drag the app from either the applications tab or dock and drop it in the Bin.

• Afterwards right-click on the bin icon and select Empty Bin.

That’s all.

Can’t Uninstall App on Mac? or App won’t delete from launchpad

• Close the app from the background or forcefully close the app using an activity monitor.
• You cannot delete the stock Apple apps or programs.
• If you are unable to close a program or app, try pressing“Command+ Option+Esc”. After that try uninstalling the app.
• You can reboot your Macbook and after your system boots up. You can delete or Uninstall Apps in Macbook.

Apple Mac can’t delete App because it’s open[Solved]

A simple reboot will do the job for you. However, after the reboot, you have no luck. You can always try the Mac Cleaner software available on the Web.

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