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How to Turn On LG TV Without Remote [2022]

  • LG is famous because of its manufacturing of high-end TVs with OLED and Premium models.
  • Most of the premium devices offer Dolby Vision, AI-enhanced audio, streaming entertainment, and cloud-based gaming.
  • I will describe the procedures for Turn On LG TV Without Remote.
Turn On LG TV Without Remote

There’s no denying that LG is the leading TV brand in the market. As it has manufactured high-end devices for individuals who don’t want to be bothered by low-quality graphics and like to entertain themselves like a pro. That’s why products from LG are much more expensive as compared to products from Vizio Tv.

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When it comes to manipulating activities on your LG tv, it gets a little difficult to achieve such a task without a remote control. Still, there are plenty of ways to achieve this goal, which I have discussed in the following section.


How Do I Turn On LG TV Without Remote?

Some workarounds can be implied to using LG TVs without remote control. None of the provided methods require you to connect your LG TV to the internet. You can simply perform most of the drafted methods, without giving access to the internet. However, you do need to use some external devices to complete this task.

Total Time: 3 minutes

Use Physical Button

If you have broken or lost your LG TV remote, no need to sweat. Because you always have the option of using the physical buttons, present on your tv. These buttons allow you to manipulate channel navigation and volume. Such buttons are available on your tv.

LG TV Power Button
You can use the available buttons until you have the time to buy a new remote. And, don’t ever consider that the usage of physical buttons will harm your TV because they are presented to help you in situations like when you don’t have a remote.

Turn On LG TV Without Remote No WiFi

Individuals have the option of connecting peripheral devices with their LG smart tv, they are allowed to connect a USB-controlled device, whenever they please.

Turn On LG TV Without Remote No WiFi
So if you have a mouse or keyboard, you can use it to control your LG smart tv. Either use a wired input device to get this job done, or use the devices that can work wirelessly, for further convenience.

I would suggest you use the wireless peripheral devices, as they would allow you to manipulate the activities, without the help of Wi-Fi and without having to be near your smart tv.

Use LG ThinQ

LG has introduced a home appliances application for smartphone owners to control their devices like LG smart tv. And this application is available for Android and iOS devices. Here’s what you need to do to benefit from this free lifestyle app from LG:

1. Download LG ThinQ app on your smartphone. Android | iOS

2. Once the app is installed, launch it.

3. Now, ensure that your smartphone and LG smart tv are connected to the same network.

4. From the main interface of LG ThinQ, tap once on the + icon.

Turn On LG TV without Remote Control
5. Choose your LG smart tv from the given list of home appliances.

6. Wait until a code is delivered on the main instance of your smart tv.

7. Afterward, enter the provided code inside the app on your smartphone.

8. You’ll be notified about the successful connection between your smartphone and LG smart tv.

9. Start using the provided controls, to manipulate the activities on your LG smart tv without a physical remote.

FAQs: Control LG TV without Remote

Is it possible to turn on LG Tv without a remote?

Yes, you can implement various methods to turn on LG TV without a remote control. You can use physical buttons, external devices, or your smartphone to complete this task.

Where are the buttons on LG Tv?

The physicals of LG Tv are presented at the bottom. Especially, the Power button is placed right beneath the LG logo of your TV.

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