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How to Turn Off Flashlight on iPhone 13 Pro Max [2022]

  • Flashlight can be turned on or off at any instance on iOS devices.
  • It can be manipulated by implying various workarounds.
  • Here, I will discuss How to Turn Off Flashlight on iPhone 13 Pro Max.
Turn Off Flashlight on iPhone 13 Pro Max

It’s never rocket science to turn on flashlight on any iOS device.

Such a facility can be enabled with the help of different options.

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So in the section drafted below, I would like to share some tips/tricks, which every iOS user can apply to turn on the flashlight on his device.

How Do I Turn Off Flashlight on iPhone 13 Pro Max?

Thanks to the services added to iOS 15 by Apple, users get multiple options to turn on or off flashlight on their devices. Without the consultancy of third-party apps, such a job can be done with ease.

Total Time: 1 minute

Use Control Center

One of the easiest ways to manipulate a flashlight on iPhone 13 Pro Max, is through the control center.

The control center can also be triggered from the screen, so it’s the best option for using turning on or off flashlight.

To work with it, simply swipe down from the top-right corner of your iPhone 13.

From the appearing menu, tap once on the Torch icon.

The flashlight will be turned off immediately.

Command Sri

Users can also command Sri on iOS devices to control the activities of a flashlight.

Apple has provided some commands, that can be said to ask Sri to turn off the flashlight.

So after launching Sri on iPhone 13 Pro Max, say one of the following commands:

1. Turn off my flashlight.
2. Will you turn on my flashlight?

Note: You are also allowed to make your commands for asking Sri to turn on or off the flashlight.

Swipe on the Lock Screen

In case you are not interested in unlocking your iPhone 13, just to turn off the flashlight, here’s a trick for you.

While your device’s flashlight is turned on, swipe left from the right.

Yes, the same pattern in which you get to launch the camera app.

But this time, you need to swipe on the half screen to complete this task.

Long-Press Torch Icon

Another easy trick for users who don’t want to use Sri or Control Center to turn off the flashlight is the torch button that’s available on the lock screen.

But because of the 3D touch that’s added by Apple, you can’t simply tap once on it to enable or disable the flashlight.

You have to long-tap on the icon of the torch and then wait until you feel your iPhone’s vibration.

The vibration effect means that the previous state of the flashlight has been changed.

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