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How to tell if your phone is hacked, Here’s How you can check!


Want to check if your phone is hacked, here are some tips and tricks through which you can confirm either your phone is hacked or not.

By the way, hacking and manipulating are 2 different things. Hacking is a total system and data disaster when an unauthorized person takes full control of your device and data. Manipulation is just messing around where someone tries to get clicks or money through illegal strategies like fake pop-ups and ads.

How to tell If your Phone is hacked?

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Here are some checkpoints which indicate your phone is hacked or someone is trying to manipulate your data.

Fake “Software Update” Pop-ups

If your device is showing fake popups like Software update with the Install now option. It means there is a scammer who is trying to access your data. Don’t ever fall in the trap. Genuine Software update always arrives in the Settings. A proper update screen will appear with all the details like file size, developer, version, New additions, and much more.

Remember these ads appear on your browser while you visit some low-quality web page. Or, you installed a third-party app. If you are facing such pop-ups even when you are not using a browser and the internet is disconnected, then it means there is a harmful file installed in your system without permission. Run the security clearance on your device to remove the corrupt file. Other your phone will be hacked.

Fake “Clean your Device” Popups

This is a trap that most Android users fall in. When you are using your phone and this pop-up suddenly appears from nowhere. It means a harmful file is present in your phone without your acknowledgment. To remove the file, properly clean your phone from the Settings > Storage> Clean Now. If you see such pop-ups on your phone randomly it means your phone, OS or app is manipulated.

Quick Battery Drain

Hackers always hack your phone through a corrupt file that is hidden in your phone. The app type file will keep running in the background even it doesn’t appear in the recent tabs. This scam causes excessive battery drain. Like if your phone gives you 12 hours of Talktime, suddenly it will drop to 2 or 3 hours or maybe less.

Clean your phone and run the security diagnostics. Crashing, Freezing, randomly restarting are also some common symptoms of hacking.

Calls and Messages that you didn’t send

Stock calls and messages apps are the 2 most private and personal stuff for smartphone users. If you noticed calls and messages that are sent from your side but you didn’t send them by yourself, it is clear that your phone is hacked.

Remember this symptom is only for the stock calls and messages app. If it is a social app like FB messenger or WhatsApp, it means only that specific social platform is hacked. Or a friend of yours who knows your ID and password is using your ID without permission. That’s why never ever share your Account ID and password with anyone else except the legal authorities operated by Government.

Unusual Activities on/through your account 

Well, this thing is not so easy. Every high-level social platform to account-based website warns you when someone is trying to access your account. If some platform mails you or notifies you about some suspicious access attempt. Settle the matter quickly, check your social platform if some unknown mail or phone number is attached to your account or not. If you found one then it means your device or account is hacked.

Quickly reset the password using the primary account and remove the suspicious mail or phone number.

Mail From Hackers

Recently the author its self became the victim of Hackers. A ransomware named “MEKA” encrypted all of his personal media files especially photos and videos. He tried his best to recover the data but it was a failure. Finally, the hackers sent a mail to the author and demand 470$ to decrypt the data.

If you ever received such an email and check your data is actually encrypted then your phone is hacked, sorry to say.

Who could Possibly Hack your phone?

Well, there is a hell of individuals, Organizations, or cyber criminals that could possibly hack your phone. Remember your state’s security agencies, Telecom authorities, or maybe the police can hack your phone or social platform anytime they want. Other than the state departments, there is a hell of individuals and organizations who show their hacking at least once a year.

Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Jealous relatives can many other people can also hack your phone. Maybe they hired a hacker to steal your data for blackmailing purposes. If your faced such issue, report to the cyber police and local police within no time.

How to Avoid Hacking

Here, are the best self experimented tips and tricks through which you can avoid hacking. These measures will help you to reduce the hacking chance to 99%.

Never install Moded Files

There is a reason why the internet authorities and operating system developers are against the modded files. In the greed of using premium features for free, you can lose your precious data. Never ever try to install a Mod APK or XAPK file. Always use the official app stores to install any app. Never install a low-rating app with bad reviews.

Even you want to install APK or IPA files use the top-rank platforms only. We have apkmirror.com, apkpure.com, uptodown.com, aptoide.com, 9apps.com, etc. These are some of the credible unofficial app stores that you can trust.

Never Access the Unsecured Websites and pages

Never ever try to access the unsecured platforms. Unsecured websites and pages are those destinations that don’t follow the SSL Protocols, which Means their site is not secure. Maybe they didn’t install the SSL Certificate or it got expired. There can be many reasons but for users, there are only 2 terms secure and unsecured. Always prefer that platform that follows the security protocols and respects your privacy to avoid hacking.

Use Best Antivirus and Security Apps

For the overall phone security, we recommend using the apps like Bitdefender, Avira or McAfee, etc. These are top-notch security apps that actually create a strong and unbreakable boundary around your data. Even in a bulk cyber-attack, if hackers managed to break the first security barrier around your data then these hidden security barriers will fail their attempt.

Use 2 Factor Authentication

This measure is necessary for social media users. Now almost every social media platform offers a built-in 2-factor authentication feature. Turn the feature ON. From onwards even if you want to access your account, you have to enter a code that will be sent to your phone number or registered email. Without that second code, no one can access the account even the owner. Surely, the best way to avoid hacking.


It’s our personal experience that there is only a 10 percent of hacking chance, the rest of the chances are of the known person. In most cases, the person behind hacking is the boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, cousin, etc. Most of the time blind trust and giving ID, password to someone, etc is the reason behind the hacking incident. So, basically, it’s not your hacking, it is your carelessness.

Hacking is not so easy, this is not a kid game to bypass the strongest firewalls and encryptions. Only a world-class hacker can be able to do that. Keep the necessary security measures from your site and leave the rest of the task on your operating system.

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