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How to Stream Netflix on Discord? [2022]

  • Netflix is a subscription-based streaming platform, whereas Discord is a communication portal.
  • A discord user can start a watch party, whenever he pleases.
  • So I will discuss methods to Stream Netflix on Discord via Mobile and PC.
Stream Netflix on Discord

Having long conversations and sharing happy moments, is always preffered by Discord users. But to remove bored, some users prefer to start a watch party, so they can enjoy movies and tv shows together with their community members. In that case, a user has to command Discord to stream the desired content for the whole community.

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It isn’t rocket science to start a watch party on Discord, you just have to use the services of your web browser to trigger the preffered streaming service. For that, you need to choose the right browser, where you are currently streaming media. If you want to get into the details, consult the following section.


How Do I Stream Netflix on Discord?

The process of streaming Netflix on Discord differs on mobile and PC. That’s why I have decided to deliver separate methods to complete this task so that users can share Netflix from their smartphone or computer.

Total Time: 3 minutes

Stream Netflix on Discord via PC

1. Fire up the Discord desktop app on your Windows or Mac device.

2. Make sure you have logged in to Discord.

3. Launch Netflix on a web browser and sign in with an active account.

Stream Netflix on Discord via PC
4. Now on Discord, navigate to the server where you want to stream Netflix.

5. Click on the Settings icon, placed in the bottom bar.

6. Navigate to the Activity Status tab.

7. Under No Game Detected, click on the Add it link.

8. From the appearing drop-down menu, choose the browser’s tab, where you have launched Netflix.

9. Once you select the Netflix source, the box will start highlighting the selected values.

10. Go back to Discord’s interface and click on the small tv icon.

11. Choose your preffered screen sharing options and click on the Go Live button.

12. A preview screen of the Netflix stream will start appearing, indicating that the server members can live stream it.

Stream Netflix on Discord via Mobile

Stream Netflix on Discord via Mobile

1. Install Netflix and Discord on your mobile device.

2. Launch Discord and select your voice channel.

3. Tap on the green Join Voice button.

4. Swipe up from the bottom and select the Screen Share option.

5. Open the Netflix app and start sharing the launched media on Discord.

How to Stream Netflix on Discord Without Black Screen and Audio Issues?

If you are troubled by a black screen or audio issues while streaming Netflix on Discord, you should focus on implying the following fixes:

  • Update Discord app.
  • Disable Hardware Accelration on Discord. (Settings >> Advanced >> Toggle off hardware accelration)
  • Remove background apps. (Launch task manager and remove unwanted apps)
  • Delete the cache folder of Discord. (%appdata% >> Roaming >> Delete Discord folder)
  • Run Discord as administrator. (Type Discord in the search bar and select the Run as administrator option)

FAQs: Watch Netflix on Discord

How to Watch A Stream on Discord?

Whenever a stream is made available by the server administrators or moderators, you will be notified about it. You then will only be required to click on the Join Stream option.

How Does Go Live Work on Discord?

With the help of Go Live, users are allowed to add the source of their streams. And from its settings, they can choose the preffered screen sharing options.

Can I Screen Share on Discord?

Yes, Screen Sharing can be triggered from mobile and PC. Because with a facility enabled, consumers can keep on sharing their device’s or selected app’s interface with the channel members.

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