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How to Screen Share on Discord [2022]

  • Screen Sharing can be triggered on Discord.
  • You also need to keep a check on whether the screen sharing feature is working or not.
  • I will discuss the procedure to Screen Share on Discord.
Screen Share on Discord

Screen sharing is meant for every community member, who likes to collaborate with others. As its terminology is pretty self-explaining, it allows one to share the interface of his device with another user, so they can also interact with it. By enabling this facility, users get to broadcast movies, gameplay, educational tutorials, etc. So it’s a pretty beneficial facility, meant for every community member.

How Do I Enable Screen Share on Discord?

Before proceeding any further, users should ensure that the screen sharing facility is enabled on Discord. Because if it isn’t enabled from the settings, then they will not be allowed to use external devices like microphones and video cameras.


In that case, a user should ensure that the connected devices are alive-n-kicking, and they are fully compatible with the system. Further, implement the following method, to make them functional on Discord for PC.

Enable Screen Share on Discord
  • Click on the Gear icon placed beside your username.
  • From the left pane, select the Voice & Video tab.
  • Now, select your video camera from the Video Settings and test it.
  • Do the same to test your microphone.
  • Once you have confirmed that both devices are working perfectly, close the Settings and get ready to screen share on Discord.

How Do I Screen Share on Discord?

The procedure of screen sharing on Discord is pretty simple. But this method is different for a computer and smartphone. So I will be discussing these methods individually. You can choose the method, depending on the device, you are using to screen share on Discord.

Total Time: 2 minutes

Screen Share on Discord PC

On Windows and Mac devices, it’s pretty easy to share screens on Discord. Users can complete this task directly from the Voice channels, without concerning any third-party tools. Because such a facility is available by default within the Discord client and web version.

1. From the main interface of Discord, click on the Screen button, from the left bottom.

2. Choose an option for screen sharing, which applications you want to share with your viewers.

3. Select the frame rate and resolution of your broadcast.

4. Now, click on the Go Live button to proceed.

5. If you want to stop screen sharing, go to the Screen tab and click on Stop Streaming.

Screen Share on Discord Mobile

Mobile users with Android or iOS devices also get to take advantage of Screen Share on Discord. And they get to enable such a feature during voice calls and disable it, whenever they please. Here are the easy steps to get this job done:

1. Start a voice call with your friend or community members.

2. Swipe up from the bottom to reveal the hidden menu.

3. Choose the Screen Share option.

4. Confirm the action by tapping on the Start Now button.

5. Once you are done with screen sharing, tap on the Stop Streaming button.

FAQs: Discord Screen Share

Why is Discord screen share not working?

Usually, the Discord screen stops working with the application is running in the full-screen mode. So you need to disable the Full-Screen mode from the settings and relaunch the app.

Can I share screen using Discord mobile?

Yes, now Discord gives the option of sharing the screen on a mobile device. So that Android and iOS users get to share their device’s interface by using Discord’s services.

Can I mute or unmute calls during screen share on Discord?

To mute any voice call, even when you are screen sharing, tap on the microphone icon. This will allow you to mute the calls and don’t allow the recipients to hear your voice when you don’t want to. And, tap on the same microphone icon again to unmute the calls, as you please.

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