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How to Restart Nintendo Switch [2022]

  • Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console developed by Nintendo.
  • It is a video gaming console that comes with a good storage capacity.
  • I will be sharing details on How to Restart Nintendo Switch.
Restart Nintendo Switch

There comes a time when your game console gets stuck, so there are not many options left, but to restart it. In that case, when the device gets rebooted, it removes the normal glitches automatically and it starts responding well with the installed games. This means, that restarting can be beneficial at times when your device is stuck.

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However, a user should be aware of the fact that restart and reset are two different things. If you simply restart your device, no data will be lost and you will not be required to start the OS from scratch. But if you reset your game console, all of your data will be lost and you will not able to retrieve it as well.


How Do I Restart Nintendo Switch?

In this section, I will be teaching you to force restart your Nintendo Switch, as it would be helpful for you in situations when your device is stuck, and you don’t have any choice left.

Total Time: 1 minute

Force Restart Nintendo Switch

Force Restart Nintendo Switch

1. Long-press the power button on your Nintendo Switch for about 15 seconds.

2. Wait until the game console’s screen goes dark.

3. Now, you will start seeing the Nintendo logo, indicating that your device has restarted.

Alternate Methods

At times, force restarting Nintendo Switch can be risky. As it may corrupt the data stored on your game console. And, there’s no way of retrieving the erased data from your device. So it would be best to try out some other options, before implying a force reboot or restart.

Turn Nintendo Switch On/Off

Users can also power off their Nintendo Switch and turn it back on, after waiting for about 15 seconds. This action would allow the switch to remove minor lags from the system and help you enjoy smooth gameplay. To do so, you have to long press the power button for about 12 seconds. And, turn the device back on by pressing the same power button.

Charge Battery

In case your Switch device isn’t turning on at all, you should also consider the fact that its battery is low. So it would be best to first charge the battery by connecting the USB adapter with it. You can also put the console in the dock to charge it more rapidly.

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Restart Game

If you are facing fps drops or stuttering issues in a game, you should only restart that particular game. Because there may not be anything wrong with your console, but only with that game. So rather than force restarting or resetting your switch, you should only reboot the game.

Remove Wired Controllers

In case you have connected wired or Joy-Con controllers with the switch, try removing them for a change. Such controllers can be problematic at times, you should remove them and restart your Nintendo Switch.

Contact Support

As a last resort, you should contact Nintendo Switch customer support. Tell them that you are not willing to force restart your switch and that currently, the device is unresponsive. Wait for their replay, it may take several hours for them to solve your issue.

FAQs: Force Restart Nintendo Switch

How Do I Reset Nintendo Switch?

Users can reset their Nintendo Switch by navigating to Setting >> System >> Formating. Now, select the Initialize Console option to reset the game console.

How Do I Restart A Frozen Switch?

If your Nintendo Switch is stuck and you have nothing to do, you should consider force restarting it. You need to long-press the power button for 15-seconds, to force restart it.

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