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How to Quote Someone on Discord [2022]

  • Discord is a digital distribution platform used for communication purposes.
  • It remains the best platform for the business and gaming community.
  • Here, I will discuss ways to Quote Someone on Discord.
Quote Someone on Discord

It’s a lot easier to get the attention of someone by using Quotes in Discord chats.

Sending a quote also helps users in getting the attention of whole group members.

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If you are someone who doesn’t know to complete this task, consult with the following section.

How Do I Quote Someone on Discord?

There are multiple ways to send quotes in Discord. Users are allowed to choose any method, depending upon their requirements. So here are some easy ways to complete this task on Discord chats using mobile, PC, or Web.

Total Time: 5 minutes

Use single-line quotes.

Type multi-line quotes.

Add code blocks to send quotes in Discord.

Use quote bots in Discord.

Now, I would like to explain the above-mentioned steps.

Single-Line Quote in Discord

One of the easiest ways to get somebody’s attention is by sending a single-line quote.

To do so, you need to type a > symbol and add a space, and then type the quote you want to send.

For instance: > This is a single-line quote.

Single-Line Quote in Discord

Multi-Line Quote in Discord

You can also send a multi-line quote in Discord chats, by implying the following method:

Before typing the quote, type >>>, add a space, and then type the lines you want to add to the chat.

For example: >>> This is a Multi-line quote.

Multi-Line Quote in Discord

To end a multi-line code, you just send the quote and then start writing normally.

Block Quotes in Discord

Discord also gives you the option of using code blocks to send a quote.

You need to use the (‘) at the beginning and end of your quote.

That’s how you need to type via block code:

`You are writing a quote in the block code’

Block Quotes in Discord

Note: Don’t add spaces after or before the (`) symbol.

Quote Bots in Discord

Users can also use the Discord Quote Bots to accomplish such a goal with ease.

By using these bots, they’ll not be required to follow any protocols, but just Quote Someone on Discord, whenever they please.

Here are the two Discord bots that work effectively:

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