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How to Play Wordle With Friends Online [2022]

  • Wordle is a web-based word puzzle game that’s now become a hit.
  • Officially, it’s a single-player word game, but there are users who would like to enjoy it in multiplayer mode.
  • I have drafted a solution about How to Play Wordle With Friends Online for free.

Play Wordle With Friends Online

Josh Wardle never knew that a simple game like Wordle would take over the internet. He only created the game for his partner, just because she loved to complete word puzzles to kill time. And because he developed the game for a singular player, he had no intentions of making it in multiplayer mode.

A huge number of people are demanding a way to Play Wordle in Multiplayer Mode. Well, such users can now benefit from an unofficial Wordle variant named WordleOff. With this variant, players can create a multiplayer room and invite their friends, to enjoy Wordle Online.


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What is WordleOff?

To put it straight, WordleOff is an unofficial Wordle variant that’s designed to help individuals have tons of multiplayer fun. It allows one to send an invite to his buddies, so they can come and guess today’s Wordle together.

Players don’t need to worry about sharing their Word puzzles via social platforms, because they are allowed to send the created links from a platform of their choice. They can either email it or even send text messages anonymously. Because WordleOff allows one to copy the link manually and past it to wherever we please.

Further, playing WordleOff is quite similar to Wordle, the same color rules are presented, so players can easily guess the current day’s word. However, a good thing is that once you have completed the puzzle, it reveals the current day’s word and its meaning. It never keeps the current day’s word a secret.

How Do I Play Wordle With Friends Online?

Individuals can consult with the Wordle variant named WordleOff to enjoy their daily word puzzle game in multiplayer mode. They just need to create a link and then use it to invite their friends. So that the participants can join the received game link.

Create WordleOff Link

  • Visit the WordleOff website on a web browser of your choice.
  • Click on “Create a new game” Create WordleOff
  • Designate a player name and click on the “Join” buttonPlay WordeOff
  • Beneath the WordleOff Title, your unique will be created and shown.

Inviting Friends

  • Click on the Unique Invite link created by WordleOff.
  • Once the code is copied, visit your preffered social media platform.Inviting Friends on WordleOff
  • Paste the copied link and click on the Send button.Share WordleOff

Note: You can perform the same procedure while inviting friends to play WordleOff multiplayer.

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Join WordleOff (Only Participants)

  • Open the Received WordleOff link.
  • Create a username and hit Join.
  • Else, enter the received codes on WordleOff’s main interface and click on the Join button.Join WordleOff
  • Now, you can play word puzzles with your friend online.Muliplayer Mode in WordleOff

Reset WordleOff

If the host of the game cheats or guesses the words before the participant starts his gameplay, the other player can reset the game whenever he pleases. So that both players can start from scratch and start guessing the words together.

Reset WordleOff

There’s no need of entering any in-game settings to complete such a task but only click on the Reset button that’s presented at the bottom of the on-screen keyboard. Afterward, the game will start to provide a fresh start for both players.

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Can I Play WordleOff on Mobile?

Yes, WordleOff can be played on mobile, PC, and tablets. Because that’s a web-based game that’s developed to be played online. However, if you wish to play WordleOff as an app, click here to visit our guide that describes a way to play an online game as an app.

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