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How to Pay With Cash On Grubhub? [2023]


Grubhub is a powerful tool for ordering food from your favorite restaurants. You can order from over 10 million restaurants, including more than 100,000 new ones that are added every year. However, there are some things you should know before using the service.

How Do I Pay With Cash On Grubhub?

Before proceeding to the following steps, ensure that you are signed in on Grubhub:

Pay With Cash On Grubhub

Click the Help button at the bottom right of any page.

To pay with cash, click the Help button at the bottom right of any page.

This will take you to a page where you can select how much money you want to spend on your order and enter your card information.

Scroll down and click Write to Us.

Click Write to Us at the bottom of your order.

This will bring up a form where you can ask questions or report an issue with your order. You can also use it to make suggestions on how Grubhub could improve its platform. If you have a question about payment processing, contact customer service at [email protected]

Choose Can I change my delivery time or address?

When you’re ready to check out, select Can I change my delivery time or address? You can’t change the order amount (or tip), but you can make changes to your address and payment method.

Once you’ve selected Can I change my delivery time or address? choose one of these options:

  • If you’re ordering food from a restaurant that offers pick-up curbside, select Pickup Curbside as your preferred method of delivery so they’ll bring it directly to where you are instead of delivering it to your doorsteps by hand.
  • If someone in your household has a physical disability that prevents them from walking long distances, consider requesting for them to be picked up by wheelchair service instead of door-to-door delivery service; this will help ensure that all deliveries arrive safely by wheelchair lift if needed!

Enter a new address.

Now that you have the address and zip code of your new restaurant, it’s time to select a payment method. If you have a Grubhub account, simply click on “Add New Payment Method” at the top of your screen. If not, click here for instructions on how to create one!

Add tips and any additional charges.

Adding tips and any additional charges are easy. To do this, click on “Add a Tip” under your order in the Order History section of My Account.

You can also add an additional charge for bags or other items by selecting those options during the payment process, but this will be charged automatically with Grubhub’s standard delivery fee after you select it as an item that needs to be delivered.

You can also add additional charges for delivery by selecting them from our dropdown menu when entering a new order via phone or computer. If you’re paying with cash, there will be no cost associated with these charges (though note that these fees may be included when paying through a credit card).

Finally, if you’re paying with cash there’s no need to worry about taxes being included in your total bill—just pay directly onto their account at checkout!

Select Cash on Delivery and confirm your order.

When you order food with cash on delivery, Grubhub will send an email to confirm the order. The email will include information about your payment, including a link to click to make your payment.

Once you’ve confirmed that you want to pay in cash and are ready to submit the order, follow these steps:

  • Select “Pay With Cash” at checkout – This selection is at the bottom of every page on Grubhub’s website and looks like this:
  • Click “Continue” – This is another option available at checkout where customers can opt for an alternative method of payment such as credit cards or gift cards (if applicable).


So that’s how to pay with cash on Grubhub. As you can see, it’s pretty simple. If you have any questions about Grubhub or anything else related to ordering food online, please leave them in the comments section below so others can benefit from reading your answer!

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