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How to Mirror A Phone, Mac, or PC to Fire TV Stick [2022]


Willing to learn How to Mirror A Phone, Mace, or PC to Fire TV Stick?

In this post, I am covering the topic of allowing users to mirror their devices with the Fire TV Stick. I know that this task can be pretty frustrating, but only, if you don’t know the right steps about it.

How to Mirror

It’s a fact that every smart tv owner likes to mirror or cast it with his mobile or computer.


Because that way, he gets to make the most out of desired media, and even sometimes gets to share the display with the whole room.

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So now, I’ll be taking you directly to the procedure of mirroring Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Chromecast devices with the Fire TV Stick.


Screen mirroring requires two things to work smoothly.

First of all, your Fire TV Stick and mobile/PC should be connected to the same network.

Second, you should be assured of the fact that your device is fully compatible with 5GHz networks.

If both of the aforementioned requirements are met, you can successfully mirror your device with Amazon Fire TV by reading the following section.

How to Mirror Mobile & Computer to Fire TV Stick?

Total Time: 6 minutes

Mirroring Windows PC to Amazon Fire TV

Mirror Windows PC to Amazon Fire TV

Windows users who have Miracast enabled on their PC can easily mirror their device’s display on Fire TV Stick.

But they first need to go to Settings >> Display & Sounds >> and select Enable Disable Mirroring, from Fire TV.

After the Display mirroring screen starts to appear, go to your Notification Panel on Windows OS.

Click on the Expand button and select Project.

Once you have chosen the preffered screen display, click on Connect to a Wireless Display.

Select your Fire TV Stick from the available list to get your Windows PC’s display on it.

Mirroring Mac to Amazon Fire TV

Mirror Mac to Amazon Fire TV

Mac consumers need to install the Airscreen app on Fire TV to make the devices connect with each other.

While using Fire TV, download and install Airscreen.

Now go to the Settings on Fire TV and enable Airplay.

From the Settings, select Help from the left pane.

Select macOS from the Fire TV’s display.

From the Mac dock, click on AirPlay to select Mirror Displays and Show Mirroring.

Choose your Fire TV from the given list in AirPlay.

Press the Ok button from the remote to command the Fire TV to mirror your Mac device’s display.

Mirroring iOS to Amazon Fire TV

Mirror iOS to Amazon Fire TV

Mirroring of iOS and macOS is quite similar to one another.

In both cases, you have to install Airscreen on your Fire TV.

Once the application is installed properly, Enable AirPlay by navigating to Settings >> General.

Go to the Start menu on Fire TV.

Now, unlock your iOS device’s display and from the Control Center, tap on Screen Mirroring.

Choose your Fire Tv and you are good to go.

Click here to visit the detailed guide to mirror iOS to Fire TV Stick.

Mirroring Android to Amazon Fire TV

Mirror Android to Amazon Fire TV

You are not required to install any application to mirror the Android display to Amazing Fire TV.

All you have to do is to go to the Enable Display Mirroring from the Settings of Fire TV.

Then from your Android device, use the quick settings menu to enable Screen Projection.

At last, select your Fire TV and allow your devices to connect with each other.

Mirroring Chromebook to Amazon Fire TV

Mirror Chromebook to Amazon Fire TV

To benefit from Chromebook’s screen projection on Fire TV, you first need to enable Google Play Store on it.

For that, launch Settings from the Quick settings bar.

From the right pane, enable the Google Play Store Toggle.

Now, launch the Play Store and use it to install Cast TV App.

After installing the app, use it to mirror Chromebook to Fire Tv.

That’s all, thanks for your time spent reading How to Mirror A Phone, Mac, or PC to Fire TV Stick, at it’sDailyTech.

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