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How to Make a Bee Farm in Minecraft [2022]


Read this article to identify a good way to Make a Bee Farm in Minecraft. I have written the proper procedure for completing such a task within Minecraft Java and Bedrock versions.

Make a Bee Farm in Minecraft

The creation of Bee Farm requires the implementation of various steps.


A player is required to collect all the required resources, to create a fully working Bee Farm in Minecraft.

For that cause, he first needs to understand the main purposes of a Bee Farm, which are as follows:

  • Build honey automatically
  • Increase number of Bees
  • Garnering Honeycombs
  • Also for harvesting corps

Another thing that a user needs to ensure is the number of supplies, required to create a Bee Farm.

Required Items to Make a Bee Farm in Minecraft

Here’s a list of resources required to build a bee farm in Minecraft:

  • More than 1 Bee
  • Bee Nest
  • Dispenser
  • Chest
  • Glass Blocks (4)
  • Hopper
  • Redstone Comparator
  • Bottles to collect honey
  • Shears to cut honeycombs
  • Slabs (2)
  • Flowering Azalea Block or Flower
  • Building Blocks (5)

How Can You Find Bees in Minecraft?

There are plenty of good and easy ways to find more bees in Minecraft.

They are usually inside the meadow biome.

But you can go scout out the forests to find more bees.

Also, visit the plains biomes to locate some.

However, the bees are located within the beehives, that are spotted on the oak or birch trees.

To acknowledge the right ways to collect them, read the following steps:

  • Use Pickaxe with silk touch
  • Use Leads
  • Use Flowers to lure them

I would recommend you to use a Pickaxe with a silk touch to collect bees.Pickaxe with silk touch

It would allow you to collect the whole bee nest, to help you in completing the process with ease.

What’s the Best Location to Make a Bee Farm in Minecraft?

Allow me to be honest with you, the best location for Bee Farm is where you get to produce more honey and protect the beehives from mobs.

In such a case scenario, you should consult with the Basalt Deltas biome. It would help you in using the day and night cycle, exactly in the way, that’s required to produce more automated honey.Bee Farm Location

In addition, the mobs here are not as strong as compared to other biomes. So you can also ensure the safety of your bee farms without having to fear the dark mobs.

How Can I Make a Bee Farm in Minecraft?

It’s better to do the right struggle at once, rather than having to bear the consequences of poor decisions.

So now, I’m going to help you in creating a fully productive and safe Bee Farm in Minecraft, that’s gonna last for an eternity.

Note: The following methods are implied in the Basalt Deltas biome in Minecraft. If you don’t like this dark biome, you can replace it with a place of your choice. Because the steps of creating Bee Farm, remain the same.

Place Storage and Supplies

Build a Bee Farm in Minecraft

For starters, you are required to put the chest on the ground and place the hopper at the top of it.

If you are using a Flowering Azalea Block, attach it with the hopper, but a little above from the ground.

In case you have a flower, place it above the dirt block.

Build a Glass Chamber

Bee Farm Chamber

Use four glass blocks to create a glass chamber, around the flower or azalea.

Do remember to cover the top, as some users mistakenly forget about it.

Get a Nest, containing bees already in it, and place it at the top of the hopper.

Stockpile Honey

Collect Honey in Bee Farm

The purpose of a bee farm is to produce honey, so you need the right way to stockpile it from your farm.

To do so, place a dispenser at the top of your bee nest.

The usage of bottles in the dispenser makes it easier for you to collect honey.

Always ensure that the dispenser is facing down, you can place it on the nest while standing beneath the bee farm.

Required Mechanism

Redstone Mechanism in Bee Farm

Now your final job is to create an automated bee farm, that can produce honey automatically.

For that case, you need to create a Redstone mechanism, to make your dream come true.

With the usage of stone and blocks, you need to create structure on your machine.

Use a Redstone Compactor to connect with your structure and main machine.

You need to connect two blocks with a dispenser with a slab at the end of it.

Place a block behind the bee nest and two blocks with the hopper, having one block gap.

Place a slab beside the nest, facing upwards to the final block. You may need to put down the temporary block to make it possible to place a floating slab.

After completing the placement of blocks, put the Restore compactor behind the hopper.

Use 5 Redstone dust to complete your Bee Farm structure and wait until they are fully available.

FAQs About Bee Farm in Minecraft

How Does a Bee Farm Works?

1. To be put straight, the bees in the created structure move around the flower and once the bee nest reaches its level, the Redstone dust is triggered.
2. Now, the dispenser will lead the bottles or shears to the chest, added below.
3. The chest gets filled from time to time, you can collect honey or honeycombs from it.

How to Expand Bee Farms?

1. The more bees you got, the more chance you have of harvesting honey.
2. So collect and add more bees into the structure.
3. Attach more structures with the same mechanism.
4. Do remember to add more flowers to improve productivity.

That’s all, thanks for your time spent reading ways to Make a Bee Farm in Minecraft, at it’sDailyTech.

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