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How to Log Out of Netflix on TV [All Models] – 2022

  • Netflix is an American subscription-based streaming service.
  • It is famous for its huge variety of movies, shows, and documentaries.
  • I will discuss methods to Log Out of Netflix on TV.
Log out of Netflix on TV

There are times when you have to sign out of Netflix, so you can keep the account all by yourself. And the procedure to complete this task is different on smartphones, PC, web version, and smart tv. And every Netflix user should be aware of this procedure, so he can protect his account getting violated by others.

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Many Netflix users are after free accounts, which is kind of understanding, as the inflammation rate keeps increasing in the world. But if the person who has bought an account, has full privilege, whether to share his account or not. And if he has signed into Netflix on somebody else’s tv, he should then consider logging out of it, before leaving the place.


How Do I Log Out of Netflix on TV?

On every smart tv model, like Samsung or Roku, users can implement the same procedure to Log Out of Netflix on TV. Because on Smart OS, the interface of Netflix remains the same. So that every user doesn’t have to perform different methods and gets to benefit from Netflix, according to his understanding.

Total Time: 2 minutes

Log Out of Netflix on Any TV

If you have signed into Netflix and are now about the leave – and don’t want others to access your account, you can simply log out of your Netflix account, by implying the following easy steps:

1. Navigate to the home interface of the Netflix app on your tv.

2. Hit the left navigation key from your remote, to launch the Menu bar.

Log Out of Netflix on Any TV
3. Now, use the down navigation key to select the Get Help option.

4. From the next interface, select the Sign Out option.

5. To confirm your action, select the Yes option.

Sign Out of Netflix from All Devices

If you have forgotten to log out from Netflix, before leaving the hotel or friend’s home, you can still log out by using the web version of Netflix on your computer or smartphone. You have the option of signing out of all devices, to keep your account safe and protected.

1. Visit netflix.com on your web browser.

2. Navigate to your Netflix profile.

3. Select the Account option.

Sign Out of Netflix from All Devices
4. Click on the Sign out of all devices link.

5. Confirm your action by clicking on the Signout button.

FAQs: Log Out of Netflix

Can I watch Netflix on tv without the app?

Yes, you have the option of watching Netflix, without the app. You can cast Netflix to tv from your smartphone or computer – or benefit from the built-in Chromecast facility.

Is Exiting the app enough to log me out of Netflix?

No, if you exit the Netflix app on any device, you will not be logged out of it. So you will have to log out from the app’s menu and then exit the app if you don’t want others to access your Netflix account.

Is Netflix free on smart tv?

The Netflix app’s downloading and installation is free from the store. But you will be required to purchase a plan to keep using Netflix. Though, you can also get the 30-day free trail, if you are using it for the first time.

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