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How to Lock Roles on Discord [2022]

  • Discord is an instant messaging communication platform.
  • It allows a channel administrator to add roles for the community handlers.
  • I will discuss the procedure to Lock Roles on Discord using mobile and PC.
Lock Roles on Discord

It isn’t very difficult to handle a community in Discord. Thanks for the user-friendly community roles, which are provided for the convenience of administrators, to help them manage their communities easily. With the equipped facilities, an administrator can add roles for the server moderators to help them stay within their boundaries and do their job.

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It’s a fact that only a community administrator has the option of designating roles in Discord. Even after designating a role, the server moderators can mess around with the designated tasks. So in order to keep up with the server roles, and don’t allow anyone to customize them, it’s the job of an administrator to lock them.


How Do I Lock Roles on Discord?

After adding roles on Discord, server administrators can manage the roles, as per their requirements. But first. they have to trigger the Manage Roles facility from the Server Settings. I have drafted the methods to complete this task from Mobile and PC, so that every Discord administrator can understand the method to lock roles on Discord.

Total Time: 2 minutes

Lock Roles on Discord Mobile

1. Launch the Discord app on your mobile. [Android or iOS]

2. Tap on the Menu icon to get the list of servers.

Lock Roles on Discord Mobile
3. After selecting a server, tap on the three-dotted icon.

4. Tap on the Settings icon.

5. Within User Management, select the Roles tab.

6. Select a role that you want to edit and save changes, once you are done.

You can either edit or delete a Discord role if you feel a need to do so. And, if you are an administrator, you can re-assign roles, whenever you find the right person for it.

Lock Roles on Discord Computer

1. Open Discord on your computer. [website or desktop app]

2. Navigate to Server Settings.

3. Select the Roles tab, from the left pane.

4. Choose a role and disable the Manage Role toggle.

Lock Roles on Discord Computer
5. Now, edit a role or delete it.

6. Once you save changes, that role would become non-editable.

If you remove a role from your Discord server, you would have to handle the server by yourself. Because then, only you will have the authority to make modifications.

Add Roles on Discord

In case you are locking roles, not on a permanent basis, you will then be required to re-assign them to the members. However, others now can’t add a role, as you have disabled the service of managing roles, so you will have to do it by yourself.

1. Go to Server Settings on Discord and select the Members tab.

2. Tap or click on the + icon to add a member.

Add Roles on Discord
3. Choose a member and his role for your Discord server.

FAQs: Roles on Discord

What is the highest role on Discord?

The blurple arrow aka the Omega role is the highest of them all. A member with this role has full authority to modify a server, as he sees fit. He can also assign roles to other server members, making him one of the most powerful members of the server.

What does the lock symbol mean on Discord?

If you are seeing a lock symbol on a Discord server, this means that the server is private. In that case, you may not be able to see the content available within the server. Only some users are allowed to view this server, only the persons with higher ranks.

Why you should lock roles on Discord?

Only server administrators feel a need to lock roles on Discord. They mostly do it some users with roles start to make modifications to the server’s settings. So with the roles locked, no other user, but only the server administrator gets to make modifications.

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